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Breakout after Fasting?

Hi, im new to the forums. Ive had moderate acne for a while now, which has worsened since Im on vacation in a place with high humidity (its summer, it really sux).

Anyways, recently I went on a week depending on hospital food which was made by nutrionists, and that helped me immensely as i cleared up and got better on a daily basis. However, i no longer can get the hospital food and ive been eating fairly well, but ive started breaking out again.

Yesterday, I decided to fast, well actually, sort of. Ive just cut down heavily on calories, since I thought the hospital food had lower calories than wut I normally ate (which is most likely true). I only drink water throughout the day, and I skip breakfast, have an extremely light lunch as well as light dinner. However, after a day of fasting, I broke out really bad.

Should I continue this fast? Or is the break out a major sign of danger, and that I should stop fasting immediately?

Input will be appreciated.

Edit: Well actually now that ive mulled over this for a bit, i think its because the small meal i ate yesterday was relatively heavy on sodium. It just so turns out that the nutrionist's meal controls sodium, while my mom really doesn't. And my mom uses sodium to flavor almost everything. Sodium and calories are the only difference between my mom's food and hospital food, but I think the real culprit here is sodium. I will see if sodium elimnation will improve my skin, as well as cutting down on calories..

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I've been fasting. For these first two days I've broken out, with papules/whiteheads spawning in disheartening numbers. However, all of a sudden my skin has calmed down, and is looking better than when I started. Based on the results of a previous three-day fast, I knew this would happen and thus stuck with my fast.

Likely the break-out was due to lingering damage from the foods you had been eating, etc. Keep going with it! See if you can go for seventy-two hours without cheating.

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