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Armpit Acne, Unknown Black Ball And Puss

So today, I was scratching my armpit when I came upon a bump. Just out of habit, I squeezed the bump and stuff came out. That stuff being pasty yellow puss and a black ball/nugget of some sort. The smell was incredibly awful as well and I was immensely grossed out. I went through and searched my armpit for other and the ones I found I squeezed it and the same, pasty puss and a black ball/nugget came out.

Is this something that I need to have checked out? What is the black ball/nugget? Is it a ball of armpit hair that never had a change to grow out? Is it suppose to smell this bad?

I'm just really worried and if I need to have it check out, I would like to get it done as soon as possible.

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okay before you freak out, some questions to ask yourself.

do you shave your armpits? if so how often? it could be you've got ingrown hairs that are infected, causing the lumps, the black stuff, and the odor.

do you use deodorant or antipersperant? what kind? did you recently switch brands? could be your body not liking a new brand so much, or over-applying it and not washing properly

did you wear a black shirt recently? it could have "fuzzed" and left some residue on your skin

what kind of soap do you use on your underarms? could be a problem there...

also, and this is weird and likely a very long shot... do you eat any food every day that you just started eating? i knew a kid once who started eating dried apricots every day and started to smell bad and when he stopped eating them he stopped smelling...

there are bumps under your armpits, that's where your lymph nodes are... how big are the bumps? if they're small then it's not your lymph nodes. do they feel really tender when you press on them, or do they feel large and a little deep under the skin? if yes to both of those i'd see a doctor.

good luck, that is major gross (and honestly my theories are going good to bad here, so look into the top ones first). hope this helps!

oh and another thing...

i have a lump similar to what you described on one of my breasts... but it doesn't make black stuff... i've had it for years and i have to squeeze the gunk out of it every now and then... my doc told me it's just a weird pore that doesn't empty properly. could be you've had them for a while and you just didn't notice them.

black stuff also makes me think blackheads, which is when the stuff inside those pores oxidizes.

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I got a couple of these once, years ago.

I was just as stumped as you, but I put it down to a clogged pore.

At the time I had been having a lot of trouble with underarm irritation (it was summer in Arizona, so I was shaving under there EVERY DAY, and applying a deodorant that didn't seem to like me...it stung)

So in my case, I think the deodorant helped cause a blocked pore in my already irritated skin. I don't particularly remember an odor, but I do remember it was blackish looking, definitely like a clogged pore.

Hopefully like mine, yours never comes back!

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