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Jason's Accutane Log-FINISHED! [3-19-08] (6 Months)

Hello everyone,

Obviously, my name is Jason, I'm a 26 year old male with mild/moderate persistent acne and have had it since I was 14.

I've been on all the usual suspects, Anti-Biotics, Topicals, Proactive, ect, and guess what they didn't work or stopped working.

The best "treatment" I’ve ever tried and still use is Head & Shoulders classic clean once a night with cold water. It dries your skin out massively but it makes your skin feel great and dries out most acne in a dew days. Unfortunately it doesn't work for cysts and nodules or whatever the hell those bustards are called. I will say though it makes the painful cysts feel way better after washing my face with it. I know I won't be able to use it once Accutane kicks in because the drug dries your skin out enough on its own.

I want to also say I've actually had perfectly clear skin for a 3 month periods here and there and it's so amazing how much better life is. Just the simple fact you can wake up and not immediately worry about how that zit is doing or if that little pain you felt last night exploded into a painful budge. It sucks so much to get clear skin and then watch in slow motion over the course of a few months your skin get ravaged by a painful barrage of breakouts. Enough boo-hoo, just wanted to get the history in there.

So after my last Anti-Biotic (Soladyn) failed I figured it was time to muster up the courage to ask my derm for Accutane. So began the 3 month long multi-doctor quest for the miracle drug. Every derm and doctor I tried to get Accutane for said it's a great drug but I don't prescribe it. I know from reading other people's accutane logs, most people didn't have such a challenge getting the drug. For some reason the universe conspired against me and tried earnestly to prevent me from getting this drug. Well my insurance and doctor finally sorted things out and I'm going to pickup my prescription at Walgreens today. Yes!

Once I get it I'll post exactly what kind it is. I know it's a 40mg dosage for 5 months.

I'll add some more details about my challenge getting this drug for anyone who is currently facing the same issue I went through.

Also just ordered Aquaphor for my lips and skin even through I didn't think I'll need it immediately.

Once the 1st pill gets popped I'll post and update, maybe some pics too.


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Ok just picked up the package.

It's called Claravis Isotretinoin. 30 pills x 40mg.

I took some crappy pics with my phone of the package, I'll see if i can get them uploaded. Waiting for dinner to cook and then I'll pop my 1st pill.



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Forgot to post last night that I took my 1st pill.

It's about 4am and I woke up out of a dead sleep and which I couldn't slip back into. No it's not the Accutane, acne cause me pain at night which wakes me constantly. I can't wait for this stuff to start working.

As stressed out as I am over acne, I'm so relieved that I finally am on the best treatment out there.

Figured I'd summarize my current acne condition.

I've got about 10 dormant cysts all over my neck and under the jawline. Small ones, but gross when you run your fingers along it and can feel the bumps.

I've got 2 active cysts on my jaw that are red and painful and feel like they might be coming to a head soon.

1 brand new cyst that just showed up tonight on my neck, very painful. Neck cysts aren't so bad for me because I haven't shaved in like 3 months. I don't have a full beard or anything but it covers it up enough to not worry about it. I can't wait till I can shave again, it's been so long.

I've got another cyst on the right side of my nose that doesn't hurt, it's just big ,red and ugly. Very obvious and I wish it would go away.

Let's see, I've got another healing cyst on my right temple, it's almost gone.

Then I've got about 2 dormant cysts on my back and 1 on my shoulder. I've had this one my shoulder for about 5 weeks. I/m not sure if he's ever going away. It's not red or painful, just a big bump.

Chest is going good, recovering from a recent breakout a few weeks ago. Most scars have faded already.

As for scars, not so bad right now, seen it a lot worse.

Overall this is probably the worst I've seen my skin in about 2 years. It's def in moderate territory borderlining on severe.

I know I use the term "cysts" a lot, incorrectly I'm sure. When I say cyst, I'm referring to a red painful bump that takes forever to go away. Need I say more??

Anyways, prolly going to call in tomorrow because I won't be getting to sleep anytime soon. I'm still way amped about starting Accutane and I'll try to update this log everyday.

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best of luck to you with your course,

i'm on day 92, still breaking out on occasions, this stuff takes its sweet time to work and I look a mess with all red marks / scarring and stuff. Apparently the true results seem to come through a couple of months after you finish the course, I guess this is because your skin thickens and returns to normal.

It's a rough ride and I hope we both come out the other end crystal clear.

I'll hopefully be able to keep up with how you are doing

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Hey there Ballistics,

Thanks for popping in and saying hi. I wish I was 3 months into my treatment already, must feel good to know you only have a few months left.

I'll check out your log and say few syllables.

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Day 3

Still no side effects, lips moist, skin oily, no aches.

I am noticing something evil "a-brewin" in various places on my face mainly chin. Probably the beggings of my IB.

Oh and two dormant cysts or bumps that where on my chin came to a head last night so I took care of those suckers.

Also, went and got my 1st blood test yesterday, went well.

Also, that big domant cyst on my shoulder that's been there for like 5 weeks is starting to hurt a little so it might be coming to a head soon. God it would be nice to get rid of him.

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I'm bored, so I'll post what I did last night.

My brother's friend took me, him, and my girlfriend out to a great steakhouse in Wheeling, IL called Pete Millers. It was amazing.


Had the best steak I've ever had, a parmesan crusted filet flanked by mash potatoes, and a slab of ribs. Had my last few beers while on my course of Accutane and some wine my brother's friend ordered. Normally I shy away from social places but for some reason I can never say to a good steak house. My brother understands that and we make a weekly thing out of it.

Our server, "Bob" was amazing! What a personality! He brought all the different cuts of steak out on the presenation tray and waved a little flashlight over them while going, boom, boom, boom, boom, (if you know what I mean?). Anyways, terrific service.

My Brother's friend and my girlfriend got pretty drunk and kind of stumbled out of there at the end of the night. Was kind of funny from the sober perspective. Normally my brother and I are the one's stumbling out of places.

I've got a few pics from the night I might upload.

Anyways, if I'm going to maintain an interest in keeping this log updated I'm going to have to post more about daily doings in my personal life.

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Day 4

Well it's the end of day 4.

Skin is now starting to dry out a little. Now the end of Head and Shoulders facial wash days. Skin is still a bit oily, however nowhere near as oily as normal.

The small cyst on my temple came to a head so I took care of him. Also, a small bump on my neck came to a head so he's now history.

So far now IB, however i am getting some pain in various places on my neck and even on my forehead where I never breakout. Maybe the start of the IB.

Lips are still moist, no aches.

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Day 5

IB starting to kick in, a couple of new white heads on my chin popped up literally in hours, never had that happen so fast. Also, last night a bunch of red cyst like bumps appeared on my neck.

Also, a possible cyst coming up on my cheek close to my nose. I can see the blackhead that's causing it, it may go down on it's own, i may wakeup to a red balloon. Hoping it goes away.

Skin continuing too dry out, also feeling a slight burning sensation when I get out of the shower. I might have to turn the water temp down a bit, colder water seems to help with that.

Lips still moist, no aches. I will mention thought I am getting weird short lived aches, like for instance I had my legs crossed over during a meeting today (guy style), and after the meeting my groin was sore, but only for a minute. I'm fairly convinced it's the Accutane kicking in, but who knows.

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Day 6

Alright Day 6 meuaa...

Lips are still moist and no aches.

IB still going strong, got a new whitehead right on the edge of my lip but it's really small and looks like it's dieing already.

This potential cyst on the side of my nose still hurts which in my book is a bad sign of a monster on the way. Still hoping it calms down a bit. It's not red or even bumped yet, but it's painful.

Had a few other whiteheads from the IB on my neck that i took care of ladt night. So far the red marks left behind by this IB are healing nicely.

Skin is about the same in terms of dryiness. I am getting a little peeling near my nostrals but a little lotion takes care of that.

So far so, good.

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hey ackanated, i just read your post after you took your first pill and its exactly how i'm feeling now!! i'm so anxious but so relieved... i'm dreading the IB but i feel like it'll be worth it knowing how much better itll be in a few months! looks like we're on the same dose and everything so i'll definitely be checking in.. see whats coming in the next 6 days :)

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Day 6.5

Well it's halfway through day 7, and I thought I'd update while at work.

Man this IB is killing me. Had a monster pop up on my cheek over night and it hurts badly, sucks cause I haven't broke out on my cheeks in months. They were pretty much scar free up till now.

Also that blackhead near my nose that can't decide if he wants to explode into a cysts or just go away still hurts crazily.

Lips are still moist and no aches, skin still drying out.

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Day 7, 8 9.5

Been busy the last few days so didn't get to update.

Well IB is still there, got a few white heads on day 8 that I took care of. I should mention these are mainly on my chin and I have a thick goatee which covers them up so I can kind of pop them and the goat covers the red mark left behind.

Also, my left forearm of all places is broke out badly on day 7. 4 big ass whiteheads showed up, one I killed because it was so massive the rest I left alone. Now halfway through day 9 the other white heads are starting to die out. They leave behind these very obvious red marks through. Upon inspecting my arms I'm noticing lot's of little whiteheads here and there. I breakout on my upper arms occasionally so it's nothing new. I'm guessing it's just the tane purging out all the crap.

I've been bad with the alcohol, had a few beers here and there. Just got back from a lunch at a place called Cheeseburger in Paradise and had 2 x 22 once Island Ales. Gave me a nice buzz that I've missed since starting this drug. Oh well, drinking a lot of water now to try to compensate.

Dry skin on my face is the only side effect I've noticed so far. Lips are kinda dry not severe like other people report. I'm sure they will just keep drying out with time.

No aches either, so far so good. Only real side effects at this point are dry skin and the IB.

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Day 10 & 11

Well finished my 1st 10 pack of the tane, 2 more 10s to go with this round, then back to the derm for a second helping.

IB still there, getting little whiteheads in all sorts of weird places. Woke up this morning with one on the top of my thigh. Looks like it will be one that kind of pops up and goes away quickly. I do like how most of these IB zits seem to leave just as fast as they come.

That painful huge bastard on my cheek finally came to a head, exploded last night all on it's own. Had to use a shitload of hydrogen peroxide to get it to stop bleeding. Glad it's gone, even though it's going to leave behind a hideous scar for the next month or so. At least it's not a huge bump.

Also getting a few new whiteheads here and there along the neck. Hoping this IB subsides soon.

As for side effects, really no change.

Skin still drying out, but not severe. A little flaky but nothing moisturizer can;t handle.

Lips really aren't that dry, although they are definitely dryer than normal.

No aches or headaches.

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Day 12

Damn this IB! Still going with new whiteheads daily, some seem to pop on their own and then go away quickly, other seem to stick it out for a few days.

Also, had my 1st couple of blackheads fall off my nose which was AWESOME!! My nose is covered in blackheads and I'm so excited to see them come off. I hate those worse than acne almost...

Anyways, that one blackhead that couldn't decide if it should grow up to be a cyst or just a pain in my ass near my nose FINALLY came to a head. I could no longer contain myself so I busted him, and damn did it feel good. Yah I know, "no popping while on tane" oh well I feel so much better now that he's gone. Of course I'll have another lovely red scar for the next month right near my nose, constantly reminding me of what a dumbass I am popping zits while on Accutane. Good for me.

Ok, also been getting some bad breakouts on my back and upper arms and shoulders. Good thing they go away after 3-4 days and the breakout on my left forearm from last week is pretty much gone except a few minor scabs.

i should also mention some more positives, my skin texture is improving a lot. It's way smoother and less oily which gives me MUCH needed encouragement.

Side effects:

Dry skin is really setting in, finally needing to use my aquaphor that I bought before going on Tane. That stuff is like kryptonite for dry skin. My skin is still a little peely in places like under my nose but still manageable.

Lips seem to vary from slightly dry to fine.

No aches, but I did get a weird headache which might be the result of tane who knows it went away in like 20 minutes. I don't get headaches too often so I'm thinking Tane.

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Day 13

Fitting that day 13 be the worst day since starting Accutane. It's all because of this IB. My face is like a war zone right now. Blackheads keep trying to push up through my skin which cause these raised bump like things that kind of hurt.

Scars and red marks everywhere. Scars that weren't there yesterday seemed to have magically appeared during the course of the day. So weird this Accutane.

A couple of new white heads here and there.

Dry skin not so dry today I was actually oily for the first time in awhile, however I still had flakes. Wierd....

Lips are OK, no aches or headaches.

Bah, this IB is making me hate Accutane right now. See my Avatar? That's what I want to do to it.

Hopefully better news in the next few days. I know the IB is the drug doing it's job. Doesn't mean I can't bitch and moan to holy hell. It's my log and I'll crab if I want to.

Only thing keeping me happy is I get my Mustang back from the body shop tomorrow. :D I've been without it for a month since the accident.

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Days 14-15-16-17

Sorry for the lack of updates, combination of busy, forgetfulness, and laziness.

Ok, wow this IB is getting worse by the day, some of my initial acne before staring Accutane finally came to a head and is healing, but dear god the new stuff coming up is insane. It's not so painful fortunately but it's cystic for sure. Deep under the skin stuff on face, (chin, neck, jaw, even near my nose). I prolly have about 10 actives on my face right now which is way over the usual 3-4.

My Arms have a few whiteheads on them which are so hard not to squeeze, I also have two Whiteheads on my chest. Also, 3-4 on my back & shoulders in various places.

My skin hasn't looked this bad in 4 years.


Being positive, blackheads are jumping ship from my nose which is good. My skin texture is silky smooth in areas I'm not broken out which I'm liking.

I just have to wait out this IB and hope to god it doesn't last months because my face will probably take a month to recover just from this IB alone.

Side effects:

Dry skin still, it's kind of leveled off in terms of how dry it gets. I'm going to chill on the Aquaphor for now as i think it's aggravating the IB, I'll let my face go frosty flakes for the weekend and see if it drys out this IB a little.

No redness, aches, or headaches.

Lips a little dry but nothing too serious.

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Day 18

Three new whiteheads this morning, one on neck, two on jawline.

Two cystic ones came to a head so I busted them, felt good. Also took care of the whiteheads on my chest, I could resist no longer.

Side effects,

As I mentioned I've been going without Aquaphor so my skin is a little flaky but I think it's drying up this IB. Some of the bad Cystic stuff has gone down quite a bit so I'll keep going and do more of a spot treatment with the Aquaphor.

Under my nostrils and the sides of them seem to peel the worst.

Still no aches, headaches, etc, etc.

My mood seems to vary, I'm around my friends and girlfriend most of the time, and it helps keep me in good spirits. They all know I'm taking massive action with my Acne and are very supportive which makes a world of difference. Normally seeing my skin this bad would cause me to freak out a little, but because I know the end result will be clear skin I'm maintaining.

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Thanks jay, I call you that cause I assume most people eventually start shortening your name to that like they do to me.

Hope whatever treatment you're on is working for ya.

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Days 19, 20, 21

Ok Day 21 I'm 3 weeks in. This 1st month is absolutely crawling! This IB isn't helping make it go any faster though.

I wish I could say it's calmed down a bit but it's still strong as ever as I wakeup with new whiteheads ever morning. They're definitely Accutane related ones because the only last about 2 days before they either scab over or pop on their own.

I have some major badness to the right of my nose it's like one of those nasty under the skin ones but has a equally nasty scab over the top of it and the skin is red and flaky all around it. It's major suckness. It is healing though however really slow. I think the white stuff inside like dried up and scabbed from the inside out, very weird.

My right side which bore the brunt of the IB thus far is calming a bit as I haven't had any new breakouts over there in a few days which is encouraging, however my left side is now coming online. My left cheek and jaw regions were relatively clear but now I have a few raised red bumps coming up and have been getting more minor whiteheads.

My neck which has been under attack since 2 weeks before even starting Accutane is still getting random whiteheads and bumps which pissed me off because I can't shave. It's the part of my neck under my jaw and around my adams apple.

My arms, shoulders, and back are clearing nicely, no new breakouts there in about 4 days which is also encouraging.

Side effects:

Dry Skin massively setting in now. Man I went a few days without Aquaphor and the skin on my face literally shed itself. I have these flakes all over which fortunately Aquaphor can cover up, it's really amazing stuff. I just hate it because it leaves my skin all greasy. I'm really split about which I hate more really dry skin or really greasy skin, they both look and feel gross.

My lips are dry but not insanely, a little Aquaphor in the morning is all I need.

No aches, or head aches or anything else.

I'm 3 weeks in now, I figure I got about 8-10 more before this IB finally clams down and I start seeing results. I'll just continue to grit teeth and weather the storm life goes on.

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Day 22

More bad news, left middle upper cheek sort of under the eye is coming alive with two cysts, they are deep in the skin and I can already feel the hard tenderness where the cysts are forming. They are not red or raised but they're going to give me big time trouble no doubt. God this IB sucks badly.

My right side is still recovering & healing from my 1st IB it's looking pretty bad all scabby and flaky and still kind of bumpy. In a week my left side will prolly look just as bad judging by what's forming over there.

I have a Cyst on my chin near my mouth it is semi-active, very little pain but big and hard however not very red fortunately.

Now my back just broke out in two new cysts that will most likely come to a head by the feel and looks of them.

Also, the back of my neck near my shoulder got a medium sized white head.

Arms and shoulders are still clear and the red marks are fading which is good.

Side effects:

Dry skin still getting worse, even Aquaphor is having a hard time with flake control but does a decent job.

I have my 2nd Appointment with my Derm tomorrow at 12pm to get my next 30day fix of the tane, she's prolly going freak because my skin looks so much worse than when I started but oh well, bring it on. This IB has far surpassed my expectation of how bad it was going to be.

Oh well gotta keep going, 10 more weeks of BS still ahead. The end result is so worth it.

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