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Rachael's Log

Right, so I've been following the DKR for just over a week (day 9 today I think).

I've been using a 3rd of a finger of bp and I was RED for the first 3 days. This subsided and now I'm just peeling badly and my skin feels like an old leather boot. Definitely not sexy!! I can also see fine lines starting to appear which is not funny at all. I don't know whether this is for me. I've been taking my moisturiser to work with me but I can apply it 10 times a day and my skin still flakes and people make remarks about it.

I guess I'm just on a downer. I've read jojoba oil is a life saver for many people so I guess I should try and get some. My moisturiser is oil-free, maybe this is a problem also? My skin looks no better than it was and I realise this is normal after just one week but with all this bloomin peeling I feel like I'm suffering for nothing. Any words of encouragement would be gratefully received!!

Rachael x

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Hi Rachael!

What you are going through is exactly what I went through. :comfort: I was quite red for awhile and ended up reducing the amount of BP. Then about two weeks into the regimen, I had a lot of dryness and peeling!!! It was quite horrible but I'm glad I stuck with it.... and I hope you do the same. It may take some time, but you will begin to see an improvement. I found that Dan's moisturizer helped control most of the flaking. Maybe you should give that a try... It has jojoba oil in it too! Or try to find a bottle of pure jojoba oil and add a few drops of it to your moisturizer. I never tried it, but I've heard that it works for some people.


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It's been about 3 weeks now and I haven't stuck to the regimen I'm sorry to say. I read so much about sticking with it and it'll come right in the end but I just couldn't cope with the flaking more than anything, coupled with the bad 'aging' effects. I work with the public and people would comment all day long about how my skin was peeling off :( And my Mum commented on the fine lines that had appeared. The only moisturiser I could find that helped left me with the opposite problem of looking like I'd bathed in oil!

Currently I'm using 2/3 of a finger of bp at night and just washing/moisturising in the morning. No redness or flaking or fine lines appearing so far. I hope to start using bp in the mornings again soon. My acne is the same as ever with the exception of my forehead which has remained clear for the last 3 weeks.

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