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my views

11 Sep 2007

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Ok, so this is my view of acne vulgaris,

I am male,24 years old and have suffered with acne for the last 9 years,

although it has not ruined my life, i feel it has always controlled my life,

and ive always looked for a way to control it, rather than it controlling me.

throughout my first few years of it i always asumed i would eventually grow out

of it, and went to the doctors and tried various topical treatments,then eventually

antibiotics,with very little success. Then came accutane, which worked fairly well,bar-

the side effects, but eventually it came back.

By the age of 21, im beginning to realise this is a bit of problem, and is seriously effecting

my life. Working all week,then having to make excuses come friday,sat nights to your mates,

for not going out. letting people down, hideing away, looking people in the eye etc,it all begins

to totally destroy your self esteem.

So anyway, i guess since then ive been trying to find other ways of attacking this problem,bar

going back to the doctors,cause in my eyes its a dead end situation, and antibiotics destroy your flora from what im aware. So unless some miracle drug comes out, its pointless going back.

In terms of topical treatments, the best that i found for me personally have been Quinoderm,

which is basically benzol peroxide, and copper peptides serum, but i believe these only treat

the problem, and do not tackale the root cause which is most definately internal.

Now there are so many theories on what that internal problem is, and that must be the million dollar question. Is it a weak, sluggish liver????....... An immune system

problem???...... Hormone imbalance????..... An overgowth of yeast or fungal infection???......

a digesive problem i.e the colon???...... any ideas would be great to signal out which one.

The weak liver always seems to make me wonder, but why dont alcholics get acne???

I tend to rule out the digestive theory as i never have constipation, or diharea.

Anyway in terms of taking supplements, herbs etc, the best in my view are MSM, vit c,

milk thistle. I have tried acnease,acnezine but only got fair results.

The one product that i have had good results with is olive leaf extract, it works very good indeed, but only in 4 week cycles. so by week 5 it seems to become immune to it, and i

think that applys with every herb. The body no longer responds to it.

Also on a final note, i find ocean air, mountain air, clean air seems to purify the blood stream.

Sea water seems to clear acne aswell although again thats external, and not the root internaly.

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i think that the root of acne is genetics. for some unknown reason, people prone to acne get more clogged pores than other people.

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