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Cackling with excitement

From the quivering bowels of desperation ...

A whole bunch of blackish crust has just peeled from my face in the wake of a glycolic peel gone horribly, horribly wrong. I am standing in the kitchen, in front of the mirror, happily peeling away said crust. Only a bit remains at this point. However, the skin underneath is a bit red, and the rest of my face still has some lingering red marks and pimples.

And then -- inspiration! I rush to the refrigerator and pull out an egg. I crack it, but instead of the egg white mask I have worn in the past, I am formulating an egg yolk mask. Yet egg yolk is not all. Oh no. It is not nearly viscous enough. I add olive oil, and head up to the bathroom. It still is not applying very well.

I dilute it a bit with water, and then I begin to grin. My hand reaches of its own accord to grab the bottle of apple cider vinegar, and I pour some in! And then, out of whimsy, I put in a small blob of cetaphil moisturizer. And the Super Special Happy Mask is born.

... is voided a facial mask of magnificence!

I have just applied it. It feels rather good. Am looking forward to any results this might produce. My plan for the next mask is to add honey and lemon juice for the Ultimate Happy Mask.

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Haha, that was a good read. The mask sounds like it'd be ultra-moisturizing. I wonder if you could make it in bulk and just refrigerate it.

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I took inspiration from your post and just whipped up my very own version of a super happy mask!!!

I added a whole egg, a dolup of honey, a drizzle of olive oil, a helping of aquaous crem, a small portion of cocoa butter and a few drops of tea tree oil to the blender. I blitzed it for about 30 seconds and am now about to apply it to my face!!! (not sure if this is a good idea as I have a very important interview in 3 hours time :s ... anyways, here goes!!!)

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Ah, your mask sounds quite exciting! I have added the juice of two orange wedges to mine, because I was eating an orange and it tasted kind of nasty.

The one yolk, plus all the additives, produced a generous quantity of mask liquid. I've been refrigerating it and just applied it again. It feels quite odd on my face, BUT my redmarks are looking good. I had a bunch of whiteheads today -- probably about ten -- because of glycolic acid's damage to my skin and the pore-clogging but otherwise helpful zinc oxide-petrolatum-mineral oil ointment I used to repair that damage. So, my acne's somewhat inflamed at the moment, but ... it's looking pretty good.

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