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The Great Reizo

My body regimen

Okay peeps I wanted to share my body regimen because body acne has always been the most difficult to manage and after much in the way of tears and effort I have figured out what works for me and hopefully it can work for you as well.

Step by Step (What I did)

1.) I cleared inflammatory acne with a benzoyl peroxide treatment. The benzoyl peroxide product can be in the form or a gel, cream or wash. I actually used the pan oxyl bar 10 percent, this was eventually very drying but it did clear me up to a good extent. Washes aren't quite as effective as leave on products but they can be suitable for some people.

2.) Now the next thing I did was alternate between Paula's Choice Salicylic 2 percent serum and BP at night.

3.) After a while you can ween yourself off benzoyl peroxide for the next step.

4.) I went to makeupartistschoice.com and purchased a sample size of the 15 percent salicylic acid exfoliator. A sample size should last a while.

5.) I used the salicylic acid product twice a day to my body after gently cleansing which should suppress breakouts...

6.) In the event that you notice a red spot or a colony of what I refer to "imps" (little whiteheads) whip out the 15 percent pronto and apply it to the area for the alotted areas, I personally use it everywhere but you can use it on just the breakout prone areas if desired.

7.) After the breakouts have subsided, resume the 2 percent.

8.) My body has probably never been smoother on this regimen and the skin looks young and wonderful.

*** Keep in mind this is a BODY REGIMEN not one for the face ***

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