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Thank you Dan!

I have been battling acne since my teenage years (I'm now 26), mostly moderate with pustules and lotsa comedones, with occasional flaring into nodules and cysts. Worse, my bacne had recently been worsening and extended to my upper arms, and I became too embarassed to wear any bareback clothes. :(

I had previously tried oral antibiotics, topical retinoids, sulphur, otc spot treatment gels, diligently toning-cleansing-moisturing but nothing worked for me. Oral contraceptives, specifically Yasmin, seemed to help a little but I continued getting nodules and pustules. I chanced upon Dan's site in May, and after hours of reading and lurking at the boards, I decided to give it a try. Being a non-US citizen, it was a little pricey but I decided to have Dan's Cleanser and BP Gel shipped over anyway to give it a try since I couldn't find any 2.5% BP gel over at my place at the time (Dan didn't have his moisturiser then).

Dan's cleanser is a little stinky because we're all so used to fragrancing but it works well, non drying. I had initially started the regimen with my own cleanser (Origins' Checks and Balances Moisturiser), and that worked fine too. When I do actually finish this bottle of Dan's cleanser, which seems to be lasting forever :D I'm going back to my Origins.

Dan's BP gel initially irritated my skin on contact for the first two weeks or so, and I looked like I had sunburn for the first half hour or so after application, which then subsided. I simply decreased the amount applied and gradually increased it again with each application until my skin could tolerate it better. I am now on PanOxyl Acnegel 2.5, which I prefer because it is actually less tacky then Dan's gel, and works just as well. I use it for my bacne at night too, and I have many a bleached T-shirts and pajamas to show for it. In the daytime, I use the BP gel when I wear white shirts, and Skinoren Azelaic acid 20% at other times so I don't bleach my coloured tops. Azelaic acid is definitely not as good as BP, but it helps with scarring and comedones.

I now only apply moisturiser whenever my skin feels dry, and I use Origins' Matte Scientist, which I already had previously. I also occasionally use a toner, but only because I still have leftovers!. I stopped using any scrubs and masks, which made my skin break out, and only do gentle brushing with the baby hair brush. I am not on any oral supplements, and exercise only occasionally :P. There weren't any other changes to my lifestyle exept for the regimen, so I can safely say that the regimen works!

I am now (almost) clear, with only some comedones left around my nose area, which is fine if I don't pick on them. :D As we all know, picking is a no no no no, and turns the smallest comedones into full blown pustules which scar horribly. I found that the trick is to put shelves in front of my mirror so that I can't get too close and magnify every single blemish that I have. If I can't see it properly then I can't pick on it! :D My bacne is completely clear, and I only have the scars to worry about, which I hope will slowly fade with time.

So that's the end of my loong story. The key to it is persistence guys. I had stopped coming to the site after I bought the prducts 4 months ago and started improving, but I thought I'd come back and thank the people who changed my life. Thank you Dan for this great site. Thanks also to those others who gave all the tips and encouragement. And good luck to the rest of you.

My current regime:


Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser

PanOxyl Acnegel 2.5% benzoyl peroxide for the face

Skinoren Azelaic Acid 20% on the back if wearing coloured clothing

Origins Matte Scientist Moisturiser for dry days


Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser

PanOxyl Acnegel 2.5% benzoyl peroxide for the face and back


Yasmin oral contraceptive pill

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Thank you for registering! Please stay and take part in the community. :) Welcome (officially) to the boards! :)

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