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Low Glycemic Load Diet May Help Fight Acne

I'm a bit skeptical of this study for a couple of reasons. The first one being that it was funded by the meat and poultry industry - not exactly an unbiased group, since the study diet is high in protein. Also, in order to change from a typical teenage boy diet to a low-glycemic diet, they had to change many things in their diet. It is almost impossible to tie the acne benefits specifically to the fact the diet is low-glycemic. It could just be because they cut out foods high in iodine (which is a known acne trigger) that they saw beneficial effects (the low-glycemic diet contain less salty, fried junk foods - which are notoriously high in iodine). I'm not saying the results aren't accurate - I just think more research needs to be done (by a more neutral group than the meat industry), and that they need to isolate some of the other potential causal factors (such as iodine, dairy, etc.). Diet is just so complicated, its hard to say anything definitive with this kind of research.

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Good points. The jury is still out on why on that for sure.

I am low glycemic by choice in my diet due to a familial

history of diabetes. I don't have it and don't want to get

it. But I also eat very little beef or poultry or fish, as the

last two can have lots of iodine, as can too much beef...

I'm a health-nut in diet anyway. Going as organic as one

can sensibly, whole grains, not stripped ones, avoiding a

diet high in sugar or junk food. High fiber. I think that we

can fight acne better if healthier. It's not a cure though...

Yeah, lots of anti-oxidants too. For so many reasons....

But if this does promote a low glycemic diet it's not a

bad thing and can be acheived without lots of meat.

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