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Tana aka T

Benzaclin and Working Out

So i just registered. I started looking at this site about a week ago looking for tips, and then ironically my mom emailed me yesterday and said she is sending me prescription meds for acne.

For reference, I would say I have mild/moderate acne. A few problem area with big pimples on occasion, but other than that nice, clear skin. Been this way for a few years.


So tonight I took my first dose of 100 mg Minocycline and I was also perscribed Benzaclin.

Question: Will sweating reduce the effect of Benzaclin?

I have dance team practice three times a week early in the morning (6:00 am). So I leave my dorm room at 5:30 and usually don't return until 10:30 (after breakfast/class). I wash my face in the mornings before dance team and so that is when I would probably apply my Benzaclin (at 5:30 am) However, I will start sweating profusely when we do a cardio workout at about 7:30 am...will that allow the medication the full time to absorb into my system?

What do you think? I am probably overanalyzing this a lot, but I want it to be as effective as possible!!!

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I don't think so. I take dance classes 2-3 nights a week and sweat a lot, and a lot of weekends I go out dancing at a club and REALLY sweat a lot. It hasn't had a negative effect for me. I use Benzamycin, very similar to Benzaclin. It dries very quickly so should be absorbed pretty quickly. However you may want to consider applying it after 10:30, if you wash your face again at that point. I don't think sweat will do anything but if you wash it off a few hours later that might hamper it a bit.

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Unless you sweat or apply it like right before you dance or something then no, it won't reduce the effect of it. The benzaclin will be already absorbed into your skin.

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