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ok u all i have posted alot about this product but this might be the last time i post on this topic

i just want everyone to benifit from it okies so the special thing about this product ithat it contains s Sodium chlorite its some sort of oxygen but its amazing my brother is one of thier reps (u know that u sign up for )and he forced me to buy this product (hes always asking me to give him business thats why i said no to him since april and tried other stupid products wasted my time and money but didnt wana give in to my bro ) and why would i tell u that its not becuase i want u all to give my bro business i want u to benifit from it thier website sells it so u can buy it on ur own too anyways hes been after me to buy prodcuts from that him and i was like no nothing works blah blah but i was desperate and i gave in so after 5 days i was like this aint working i dontlike it and im wasting my time then he was like wait for a few weeks how will u know then i said okies well the dramatic change in my skin was day 15 and boy was a it dramatic wow i didnt think that a scrub which doesnt even feel like a scrub and toner that only contains natural ingredients and soduim chlorite (which by the way is the first patend formula ever that contains this ) and a nourishing lotion which contains 0.7% of SA can actually clear up my severe acne(ive used 2% SA that didnt work) that fast im surprised and happy i just wish all of u luck and hope this info helps but plz try it ull be surprised!

and yeh i always had hard pus filled pimples with this system i only have 2 red small ones which im hoping will stop forming too and some info on my skin

i have acne vulgaris

pustules nodules

alot of whiteheads which i still have but alot less then when i started

and u wont belive this one my nose black heads are almost gone my pores look wayyyyyyy smaller

and when i wake up i dont have bit oil i dont even wash my face till 12 in the after noon and i still dont get oily (before my skin was like u can deep fry something in it) i swear u guys its the truth if ur skeptical i dont blame u i would have questions and second thoughts about it too

i have scars that are fading way faster then when i was using clearogen which got rid of small pimples but gave me big cyts and pustules and nudules i think BP doesnt suit my skin. good luck u al

BTW this product is made in USA

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