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tricky1s accutane log

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Well this is my 5th day of accutane, im on 30mg/day to start. im a male, 23, and weigh just under 70 kilos. i figure what the hell, might as well start one of these things.

i guess thats a low dose to start, i see some people on 80 straight away. my doctor was hesitant to give me my prescription, he wanted me to use some antibiotics but i declined. he didnt think my acne was bad enough to warrant it i guess. i said i have a problem with oily skin, so accutane is probably the only thing that will work. so here i am.

acne is still the same, maybe a bit of an initial break out. as for side effects, well my lips are already bleeding, so i should of probably started moisturizing before....and there are a few flakes around my mouth, but my skin is still greasy as hell, so i havent moisturized. i have an oily tzone, but the rest of my face stays dry. i read a report from a doctor online saying he has never had anyone whose skin has remained oily on accutane, everyone has dried up....so if accutane didn't work for someone, oily skin wasnt the main contributing factor. but that is a small minority, and i think the rest of us are in the oily skin/acne boat. i am hoping 30mg starts drying up the oil on my nose and forehead, but i have reservations about it starting to work so early and at this dose. does it just stop completely? or a lot less? i guess everyone differs.

as far as more serious side effects, i just got my blood work done so i dont know the results of that, but my family eats pretty healthy.....lots of fruits and vegetables around, its usually what we munch on. anyways, other things like depression? well actually i think lots of people are depressed before they go on accutane, and when they maybe see they aren't getting results right away they get even more depressed. and some even off themselves.....assuming acne is the main cause of their despair. for me i was kind of a depressed person before i even got moderate acne. all through high school my acne was very mild, probably got like 1 a month....man that was a lot more pleasant. but i was depressed about other things in my life, now and then. acne has never really been the main cause of despair for me, its just more bullshit i have to deal with i guess, its annoying more than anything.....acne wasnt really even on my radar back then in high school, i was so ignorant of it. no one in my family has had acne, so i didn't even know skin produced oil that surfaced. :lol:

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day 13, ive taken a total of 390 mgs...

so far my lips have been pretty dry and cracking, sometimes bleeding....but applying blistex lip ointment throughout the day really helps and before going to sleep. other than that my skin is peeling on my t zone in the mornings, but not everyday. i dont moisturize because my skin is still really oily so it takes care of it self. sometimes i feel dry around my mouth after washing my face, but other times not. there is also cracks just on the edges of my lips, that is pretty much the most annoying things, because its scabbing a bit. that is probably the worst side effect so far.

on the acne front, well maybe a little less acne, but i am still getting them. especially on my nose....just pimples

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day 30, well my cheeks and skin around my eyebrows have dried out a lot. looks pretty gross, but nothing some moisturizer doesnt cure :D have to give the dry lips blistex a few times a day, sometimes i forget and they get pretty nasty.

My nose seems to be producing less pimples, haven had any in a couple of days, had three nice ones on my right cheek a couple of days ago.

my skin still feels oily on my nose and forehead. i went to my derm yesterday and he gave me a perscription for the same amount, 30 mg/day. he says it looks like its working. i was expecting to get bumped up because i am still producing oil, but maybe it will take more time for it to sink in. we'll see i guess....

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