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Acne since a teenager, now 25

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I have suffered with acne since the age of 15. I had roaccutane when i was 18 and my spots dissappeared and for a good 3 years or so i was spot free. This was brilliant but the past 3 years they have gradually started creeping back.

During the last 3 months my spots started coming back as if i was a teenager again. Obviously i didnt want to go back on any drugs so i looked for alternatives. I done some research and came accross this forum and and opted to buy some of the following.

PanOxyl Aquagel 2.5 (benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%-aqueous gel)

I was already using clearasil face wash and i moisturise because i work outside in the elements and ive found ever since using roaccutane my skin has become dry.

Ive been using this for two weeks and i must say im very impressed! Every area i have treated with this gel has become spot free. Including some spots around the cheek bones which have always been there. My face feels amazingly smooth. TBH my spot problem started coming back so slowly that i didnt realise how bad it had got until i look at my clear skin now

I admit ive had a few dry patchs come up but i use a product called Simple rich moisturiser which has done the trick. I would recommend anyone with some mild acne to give a benzoyl peroxide gel a go because its worked wonders on my skin.

I only use it every other night now and ive found i have no irritation and it is still controlling my spots. You really have to be careful thou and not put too much on as it will burn!

I only wish that as a teenager i could of got information about acne products as all my skin specialist recommended was drugs. Since using roaccutane ive had to change most of my washing products to items with only natural ingredients in because i get a rash otherwise. Ive also suffered from extreme tiredness which meant i could sleep up to 18 hours before waking up but now its a few years down the line those sort of problems seem to be subsiding.

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