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Chemical Peels, Copper Peptides and Retin A

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Hey guys. I had been doing glycolic acid peels from MUAC for quite some time, and was seeing incredible results.

thats when i decided to introduce copper peptides from skin biology in the picture. WELL EVER SINCE i did that, ive had nothing but broken out skin, bumps EVERYWHERE and dull, dry skin.

I think the breakouts have come from the emu oil.

I also did a 4 layer 12.5 percent TCA peel, and saw absolutley NO results. Ive done TWO Tca peels actually (spaced a month apart). IM SO DISAPPOINTED! TCA SUCKS!

Im also disappointed with the copper peptides, ive been using them now for almost a month, and i have seen absolutley NO improvement. In fact, my skin has gotten worse.

I feel like im in crisis mode. Tonight i think im gonna do a glycolic peel - they actually worked.

What are your feelings on these products? And im also interested in trying a jessner's peel - but im very wary as of my shitty luck with the TCA and copper.


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hey natefan,

i posted a long post about this in the copper peptide advice help! forum.

it absolutely MURDERED my skin. i was working on scar treatments w/ a derm (i was 100% clear, no pimplez). i started to use regular cp and some of that exfol. in not even 3 weeks of using that stuff, i went to see him, he's like you skin is out of control. my skin looked horribly sunburned. but not sunburned. it was like dark red like a lobster. it gave me more rolling scars on my cheeks too. and i broke out horribly too. it was last xmas time. which was humiliating for me, being near my family. for me, i think it was the exfol that ruined me.

but i still use super cop 2x and super cp, and it's not so bad. i dont know if i've seen results or if i'm just using it cuz i want to have faith in something. i'm constantly changing my routine in the last year, so i have no idea what's doing what.

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