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So Ill make this short and sweet.

Im a cook, I cook for a living, and I do it all day long, (8 hours a day).

Up until today, Ive always been on Garde Manger (cold preperation and appetizers).

Which basically means I havent been exposed to heat very regularly, and my acne has been pretty under control because of it. But today my chef told me my new position will be grill. I had my trial day and I think this might turn out really badly. My face is being exposed to heat upwards of 200 degrees for about 3 hours straight, and I can just feel my pores opening and swelling. I dont really know whats going to happen does anyone have an idea of what this kind of exposure will do to my face? Perhaps anything I can do before service to help prevent any damage?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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i don't think it's going to break you out if that's what you're worried but your pores might apprear bigger during that time but will shrink once you're exposed to room/cold temperature.

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it's your job, try not to stress about it because then your job will become stressful, when really it seems like cooking is something you love.

i'm not sure if there's something that prevents pores from opening due to heat, but just try not to worry about it. if it gets really bad, then try to get switched to a different position i guess.

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