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Hello All,

I have been on Dans Regiment for 5 weeks and I have not seen much improvement...

I am 25 years old and have had acne since the age of 14 years old.. LONG TIME

Thought in my early 20's it would all go away.. but I was wrong.. it stuck around.. I had dermatologists.. did the acutane thing however a few years ago it got manageable

I was currently using Proactive for about 5 years.. things were ok.. but I wanted clearer skin..

Anyway I jumped from the Proactive band wagon to the Murad wagon this year (2 weeks)... NOT GOOD

the salicylic acid broke me out pretty bad.. went back to proactive and started doing research on the internet..

I found this website and thought what the heck..what do I gotta lose....

FIRST OFF.. LOVE THIS PLACE.. however..so much info.. from Dans way to other members personal regiment.. I wasn't sure where to start.

So I started simple... Dans 3 step Regimen

Im not sure if it was my skin that was used to the Proactive system or it gettin used to the change...but I have been gotten wore..

This is probably the worst it has been since I was teen..

I eat pretty healthy.. Whole foods.. I run.. play music ... obviously stress in my life but I try to vent it..

I change my pillow sheets once a week.. stay out of the sun, dont eat chocolate or junk food..

take supplements..

HELP.. I have officially started to freak out.. its messin with my mind..

My forehead broke out and started to clear up- Oily skin

Now it my cheeks and the lower part of my face.

This has been my regimen for the last 5 weeks


Dans facial cleanser

Dans benzoyl peroxide

Dans Moistizer

Cetaphil SPF 15

Day- Oil sheets more moisturizer and spf if needed


Dans facial cleanser

Dans benzoyl peroxide

aha (the concentrated one)


Fish Oil - about 3-5 a day

50mg Zinc

just started Apple Cider Vinegar pills

Multi vitamin

Lots of water and a tea called Kumbucha

My friends .. Please advise!!!!

Needing some moral support right now

Many thanks!!!


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at this point all I can give you is moral support


sounds like you are doing really well with your regimen, I don't know what else to say! Hopefully others might have some suggestions. :)

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I'm like you. I'm 26 though. I'd say if you don't see improvement in 8 weeks then see a derm. You may need to attack it a different way. I had to cave and see a derm and I wish I had done it sooner because I have scars now, which I never got when I was younger. Adult acne seems to be a little bit more mysterious than teenage acne. Hormonal treatment is doing the trick for me when nothing else did. I used Proactiv a long while but it just wasn't doing anything anymore.

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