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BP gel vs. cream

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I've only officially been on the regimen for a month or so, and initially I got dry, but after switching moisturizers to something richer (Nivea rich day care in the day and regenerating night care at night) I stopped seeing the flakes. After that, I started to see substantial improvement for about a week, but just this week (which, I believe, is the second week I've been using the full amount of BP) I have noticed 5 new zits! So far only one of them has progressed to a pustule, but they're all quite noticeable. I can't help thinking that maybe I'm using the BP wrong. The instructions on the website specify different methods of application for creams and gels. I have no idea if what I'm using is considered a cream or a gel, but I've been applying it all at once (like you would a gel). Right now I'm using Proactiv repairing lotion (just until I run out, I still have some left from when I was using that regimen) as the 2.5% BP, but when I run out I'm going to start using oxy acne vanishing treatment (a Canadian product) since it's cheaper. The "lotion" sounds more like a cream but it's not very thick like you would expect a "cream" to be. The Oxy doesn't specify what exactly it is, other than a "treatment". How do I know if these BP products are gels or creams when the label doesn't specify either?

ETA: Could it also be the moisturizers that are causing my skin to rebel? Please say no, because they really work well for my dry skin.

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The Proactiv Repairing Lotion is neither gel nor cream--it is, as you might guess from the name, a lotion. The full amount won't stay on your fingers as nicely as Dan's gel does in this picture, but aim for a similar amount of the lotion each time you apply that as your BP. The different dispensing guidelines aren't specifically for gel vs. cream, but rather for things that dispense from a container with a bigger hole (e.g. Dan's gel, perhaps some prescription BPs) vs. things that dispense from a container with a smaller hole (e.g. Neutrogena On-the-Spot, pretty much any cream BP in a tiny little tube). I'm pretty sure Oxy is a cream, for what it's worth, but that's not what's important, it's the size of the line that the container dispenses.

I wouldn't worry too much about your skin right now. It's normal to still have breakouts at this point since you haven't been using the full amount of BP for very long and might not even be actually using the full amount. Read over the biggest mistakes page if you haven't already and see if any of those sound familiar, though, just to be sure. Your moisturizers MIGHT be the problem, but they might not--it depends a lot on the moisturizer in question and your own skin. Some cause problems more often than others do.

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