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So I'm on accutane, and have been on it for about a month now, just this past friday I had taken two 5 mg methadone and a valium in the morning. Later on in the evening I smoked some pot with my friends and instead of getting the normal high that I usually get, I freaked out, I started sweating buckets, my heart rate increased a LOT. my body tempurature skyrocketed, and I didn't even have enough energy to lift my head, so I sat there laying in the car, being unresponsive, and freaking all of my friends out, I was nearly unconscious, eventually it wore off but I seriously thought I was going to die. What caused that? Did it have something to do with taking methadone and valium while being on accutane? I need some advice, and don't say "stop doing drugs" say something realistic please. What are known drug interactions concerning accutane?

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don't listen to the troll ^^^^^.

the mix of drugs you took (methadone/valium/pot) would all slow your receptors and your brain but increase your heart rate! Accutane had nothing to do with it. What you discribed happens when you take those kind of drugs together.

I got prescribed methadone before a dental procedure & had never taken it before. She ended up giving me a script for a day before to try just in case of EXACTLY what happened to you! I was on accutane at the time as well and she (AND THE PHARMACIST) let me know there were no drug interaction between the two.

Try to stick to drugs that don't work your liver so hard (aka, just do the pot!) :D

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The only things I know that can interact with accutane is a herb call St wort or something and Vitamin A and maybe zinc can affect your body, I will be realistic and say don't smoke because its illegal but if you want to its your choice. Many here smoke pot while on accutane and they are fine. Just a warning : don't play with drugs you don't know legal or illegal and don't smoke cheap pot because it has impurities that can damage liver.

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