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Will Wang

Rate my redmarks

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Well i'd like people to rate my red marks.

I had real bad acne when i was in grade 10. I used pro active for bout 2-3 years and went for micro dermabrasion around 10 -12 times after my grade 12 yr and first yr of uni. I had 90% clear skin but then this past spring i break out big timez. Its been 2 years since i stopped doin the microderm and dont want to go back cuz its really expensive

So here is a list of products that ive used to help with my red marks

ACV since June (toner)

35% glycolic acid peel since Early July

Puredeming intense gel rla since August

I use FOTE aloe vera since Late june

Stopped using proactive since i get the same amount of zits wit or witout it.

I also take zinc, vitmamin E and C pills.

None of these have worked -----> not even the slightest results ------>im still using all of them for my marks.

I've started using bio oil this week and will see how effective this is.

I tried uploading photo's hope it works.

some pics have the light on , sorry bout that

waste of my time, only 1 reply after 100 or so views.

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mine are the same color as yours. i didn't used to have as many redmarks, especially last year but i blame the "treatment" peels my old derm. put on me a few times that literally burned my face. i would guess we're moderate? i'm still trying to find something to help mine fade. none of the creams my derm. have given me have worked :(

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Hi. You should stock up on zincofax 40% cream..this is the same cream that mothers apply to babies bottoms for diaper rash..Apply some at bedtime after washing up..Then place a towel on your pillow case so as not to get it dirty b/c its a thicker consistency.

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