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date tonight, suggestions for spot concealment? for a guy

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Heya everyone. Anyone have any suggestions to conceal acne? I'm really only concerned with taking down the redness around a couple spots that appeared a few days ago and are now healing.. but still noticeably red.

I'm not worried about long-term aggravation at this point. I just want them to be less visible for about 5 hours this evening. I'd try make-up but I've never used it before and have no idea what tone matches me or how to properly to apply it. And don't have the time to learn right now as I have to work till about 90 minutes before my date.

Thank a bunch everyone.

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Hi -

A couple things you might try:

1. Ice. Try icing the spots for a few minutes. You may want to wrap the ice in a paper towel or plastic baggie, to prevent freezing the skin. You can leave it on for a few minutes at a time, take it off, then put it back on for a few minutes. You can this morning and then maybe again an hour before you go out tonight. Ice reduces redness and inflamation

2. Take an antiinflammatory pain killer such as Aleve or ibuprofin. This is also good at reduce inflammation and redness.

Probably best not to try concealer if you haven't before - that usually takes a bit of trial and error to find the right product and figure out how to apply it.

Have fun on your date!!! :)

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put some queen helene's mint julep masque on the pimple and watch it go down in redness and also swelling.

this mask has worked wonders on my skin.

it's about $2 for a large bottle at your local family dollar or jewel.

it will heal your pimples and unclog blackheads the best ive seen .

have a fun time!

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i tried the ibuprofen, not sure if it worked or not i never had time to check. but the date went wonderfully, thank you both. i'll be sure to try the mint masque and ice when i have more time to prepare in the future.

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