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ok so Tea Tree Oil I read online.. Prevents pustules from forming!! I dont belive 2.5 benzoyl peroxide does this really because i been using it and it hasn't cleared all my pustules.. I might use dans cleanser and tea tree oil.

Antibacterials should do this in general (BP is antibacterial and so it tea tree oil). You might not be getting as much of an effect from the BP since you are using a low concentration product. Other antibacterials such as antibiotics, azelaic acid, etc. can also prevent pustules by reducing inflamation. The problem with using something like tea tree oil, )which may have a mild effect on reduce acne through antibacterial and drying effects) is that it does nothing to help unclog the pores. So your acne might not get as inflamed while you are using the tea tree, but there may still be noninflamed clogged pores in your skin. Tea tree hasn't compared that well to BP in the research done on it either - its generally found to be much less effective at treating acne. To get rid of or prevent pustules you need to kill the bacteria (which reduces inflamation as well), and also to unclog the pores or prevent them from clogging in the first place. BP does at least give you some mild peeling within the pore, which helsp with comedone formation. I have a feeling your skin will get worse if you try tea tree oil as a monotherapy.

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my pustles cleared after i went on birthcontrol. i only get them on rare occasions now... but if i do get one benzoyl peroxide tends to help me out and neosporin helps too... it makes the pustle less red and drains the nasy stuff from the pustle...

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