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arthur crosse

Smoothbeam anyone?

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I'm on smoothbeam laser, i say about 12 - 15 times and to me ( I'm still on it) personally i dont think it works that well and I the next time i go to my derm I'm gonna ask her for other options. oo and btw it hurts like hell xD . you can try and ask for the powerpeel which works really well on my lil bro and his face is now flawless ( he had mild acne).

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i did 5 smoothbeams, about a month apart each time. it was for scars, cuz i didn't really have an acne problem at the time. i think i saw about 20% improvement in my scarring. but it may have been temporary. or if it was permanent, then i musta got used to seeing my face every day and became unimpressed again.

so, it didn't hurt anything, but i'm not sure if it helped much either. sorry, i don't have a more clear answer.

a little fyi. it was $340 each time. i had little red marks for less than an hour, so no down time. they put a local anesthesia on my skin. it didn't really hurt, but once in a while you'd feel a little tingle, like if someone snapped a rubber band on your face. takes about 15 minutes, but you gotta go there half hour earlier, for the anesthesia. they can do it to sensitive parts too, like on your neck.

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