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Hi everyone - I am new to the group and really would love some recommendations. I posted a little about myself and my history HERE However, it hasn't got much attention (only one day - i am just antsy :rolleyes: )

I have oily/combo skin - pimples that are under the skin -- no heads -- and pop out a hard core-like matter leaving behind nasty scars. However if I leave em alone, they keep multiplying.

I also deal with chest acne; and sebacious cysts on my boosom; thighs; belly; etc....

The link /\/\/\ explains more in detail as to what i am dealing with. What I am using currently (which is not working); and other details that may help.

I forgot to mention that I have been to a dermatologist a yr or so ago, and they tried Doxy and a topical antibiotic as well... to no avail.

In comparison to some I guess my skin is not horrible. However the scars and craters + the over production of oil + the 6-8 pimples I have at any given time = a LARGE headache.

They recently put me on a low dose of Birth control, it has helped a little with my chest acne, but IMHO it is making my face worse. I'd like to check out YAZ....

WITHOUT success I have tried:

Proactive (and alot of the spin-offs of)

Paula's Choice

Mario Badesco


ANYTHING with salicylic acid really flares me up

Microdermabrasion crystals and clothes

BP used to work great.... but if i even use it as a spot treatment, it makes the thing 3x's larger....

WITH little success *obviously or i wouldn't be here eh? lol*

Bar soaps (tea tree; sulpher; baking soda;)

TCA peels did alot for my scars - but i am due for another *recommendations*

Nature's Cure pills only *spot treatment makes mine worse*

I have only been taking the NC for about 3 wks, but my chest has cleared up considerably, and my face has had those "under the skin" type pimples for months that seem to be coming to heads and popping.

I am very interested in reading more about the mandelic acid - Thinking of sampling the MAMA's brand and seeing what comes about.

Any other recommendations for the dark pigments; scars; as well as preventing recurring cysts; acne etc... I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

If you haven't - plz do read the other post *link /\/\* It explains a little more about how this came about.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Happily Ever After,

Yes this is a knowledgeable group of people but I'm not particularly knowledgeable so sorry, but you deserve some sort of reply at the very least!

Congratu-freakin-lations on beating heroin. Holy s**t I hope that you walk tall and take no nothing from nobody because you are for sure stronger than 99% of the population.

Reading your post it really does seem that you are dealing with some extreme skin sensitivity issues now. So many products that others rely on are a no-go for you. What does the dermatologist say? Alternatively or in the meantime, if topicals are out, how far are you willing to go into the holistic approach? I see you are taking some vitamins/supplements, but you could take more if you want to try that route. There's a subforum devoted to the holistic approach if you want to check it out.

What I don't know about the longterm effects of heroin and methadone you could fill a room with so sorry if this is a stupid question but is there much literature about overall skin issues after heroin or methadone? Is this something others go through or are you ever so luckily unique? If there's literature there's knowledge and empowerment right?

How's your diet now? Have you had blood tests to check if any vitamin/mineral stockpiles are low in your blood? Hormone levels? Allergy tests? Does your skin permit a regimen of sorts or is it constantly changing on you?

Sorry to reply with mostly more questions. Post again, girl (dude?), and we'll pitch in to help, okay? You may just have the community momentarily stumped. Momentarily is the key word here. The ball is rolling.

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Thanks so much for the reply :) Yea, I've been thru some stuff.. Wouldn't recommend it either :naughty: lol

Yea, now my skin is to a point where it's more like tiny cysts that cover well with makeup.... but they are there none-the-less. But what makes my skin so pooper is the old scars; and dark pigments... I get a few pimples a month... and they are adding to the scars.... First I think I need to treat the current acne...then focus on some peels; or laser to treat the scars....

I am willing to go as far as it takes to get this resolved.. holistic or otherwise.... I just want to 'feel' pretty again.

Alot of ppl on heroin; methadone have picking and skin issues... I would make the smallest pimple into a huge crater-leaving scar.... It was like an obsession... I still - a couple times a wk have to drag myself away from the bathroom vanity - cuz i will squeeze and pinch till my face is a mess if i don't.

My diet sucks... really!! I do not eat balanced meals like i should... alot of nasties like fast food; and carbs... I need to get that in check too. As I know that trans fat has an impact on acne.

No blood work recently.... but it wouldn't hurt - I have insurance, so perhaps i will call and make an appt with my doc.

The dermatologist said my current facial acne wasn't too severe, and didn't get into anyway to help the scarring for me.... Her main focus was on the sebaceous cysts that keep recurring.

Thanks so much for the reply again, and I hope I answered some of ur questions :)

(PS Yea, I am a female lol)

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