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I really really hate myself right now! I just picked at my skin again and it's now 100000x worse than it would have been otherwise! I don't know what is it about me that I have to pick at EVERY single spot. I always threw away a mirror where I used to pick the most, but today I just picked in the bathroom mirror! I am so disappointed in myself right now! :boohoo:

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ugh, i picked my skin like crazy 4 over a year

it was definately some type of nervous, stress related behavior

yeh, i know how that looks, all puffy and red red red

its ok that u picked it 2nite, if you dont pick at it again for a long long time.

by tomorruw the swelling will have gone down and your redness will be less severe.

i suggest u dip ur face in a sinkful of cold water to shrink your blood vessels (reduces redness) then apply some aloe vera to help your skin heal.

when you feel the urge to pick, remember how terrible you feel afterwards and apply some bp instead!

when i did this 4 a week, i realised how much better my skin looked (used to pick everyday :wacko: ) and then stopped picking at it all together.

the first week was really hard but most definately worth it when i saw the result!

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I got 3 huge pimples this week. I stopped picking for about 2 weeks and my skin really got better but when I saw my huge pimples on the bathroom mirror 4 days ago I decided to pick and my skin got a lot worse. I didnt go to work for 2 days because my skin was swollen and extremely red. Now it is better and hopefully by next sunday the huge scabs on my face will have come off. I'll remember this terrible week next time I want to pick. In the meantime I think I should avoid mirrors as much as possible.

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It's definitely got something to go with compulsiveness or nervousness cause it's almost impossible to not pick after I shower everyday. And when I'm picking, I go all out until I've exhausted all options. This latest round was over 1 stupid blackhead on my nose! Now it's turned to a large dark/red around it! I first did it last night, so I threw away the desk mirror and told myself to not pick at it anymore. But sure enough, I took a shower, looked in the bathroom mirror and just went at it! I think I'm going crazy! LoL!

Starting today, I will not pick at my skin anymore!

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