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The way acne is treated?

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If there are any Doctors or scientists on here please answer this question for me.

Why is acne treated with stupid Cycline drugs that we become resistant to and 6 months into the course they wear off and the acne comes back? Why have we not yet invented a drug other than tane that reduces oil production? This would tackle the problem at the source where as cylines are tackling the problem on the surface(for 6 months).

I am just baffled, really I am. The year 2007 and no-one has cracked acne!

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Well although I dont have any degree, I consider myself a Scientist, thats what im going to school for. And as for answer, I dont have one. Haha, Im just as baffled as you are. Why dont we have a cure for cancer yet? A cure for AIDS? and as you said, something a simple as acne?

Im beyond baffled. Many people dont know the type of technology we have in this day and age, but Ive seen it first hand. Ive been in plenty different types of labs, from chemistry, to biotechnology, to biochemistry. Ive seen technology people only dream of, and still, we have so many worldly problems with no answers.

So I guess for the cyclines, Its soemthing they know works, whether its for a limited time or not, and they figure thats the best they can do for now. That would be my best guess.

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Maybe it's not been invented so they can just keep gouging the desperate

people in society of all their hard earned money? :shrug:

That's usually all I can come up with, 'cause I don't get it.

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It always seems to me that acne is treated on a "symptomatic" basis, ie. oh you've got a zit; apply bp 2x daily. Another one? Apply bp 2x daily, etc. Science has not yet found the root cause of acne or an exact cure. It amazed me when I read literature on accutane that they state "the exact mechanism of accutane is unknown" or something along those lines.

I believe the cause is both biological and dietary. Considering that most people who've now got acne also have at least 1 parent who had/has it. Also considering that developing countries, even where they rarely eat any vegetables, have absolutely no people affected by acne. It also amazes me that even homeless people in industrialized countries, who eat extremely poorly and even (obviously not in all cases) consume extreme amounts of alcohol are clear-skinned; dirty, but not a single pimple on them. Acne is a relatively new disease that is rapidly spreading, I remember hearing that acne was unheard of in China until it was "Americanized" with such things as McDonald's.

Hopefully in the near future science will focuse research on acne more on the root causes instead of treatment because as most of us no doubt know treatment is often a roller-coaster ride of ups (when the cream or whatever is working) and downs (when we continue to get new acne). I often find myself thinking I finally found something that finally works for me or I've found what's causing my acne, and then sure enough a few days later I'll get more acne :think: .

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