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do i have clogged pores/enlarged pores?

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Here is a picture of the holes on my face.


Im not sure if i have clogged pores/enlarged pores.

but on my face around the cheek and nose area, there are tiny holes, more visible with sun light.

On the tiny holes yellowy stuff are inside them, and every time i try to remove those yellowy stuff, they always come back for some reason, what is this? Are the holes on my face enlarged pores? The holes on my face are less then 1mm, about 1/2 of a mm.

also can someone post an image of enlarged pores and clogged pores? i cant seem to find any online.

Thanks for the answers.

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I'd say you have enlarged pores - the pores around my nose are the same way. Drives me nuts because not even make-up can cover it (foundation just settles into the holes, making my pores even larger and breaking out more!) And I believe the stuff inside the pores is sebum (someone correct me on this one if I'm wrong!) which is actually nesscarry to have the elasicity of skin.

And don't feel too bad about 43 views and no replies - it's been unusually busy on the boards the last few days, but worry not, questions do usually get answered!

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Guest delta force operators

dude u just have large pores its genetics

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Hi Longlost2, :D It looks like you have large pores. A clay mask will make your pores look temporarily smaller, and will pull out alot of the sebum clogs... your pores will look better after the first time you use it!

here is what i use:


I love this mask and highly recommend it. You can actually feel it pull the gunk out of your pores as it drys. My skin is so oily, sometimes I leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning (not recommended) The entire next day my pores are way less noticeable. Its inexpensive, the tube is huge and lasts a long time too...Overall, I think you would be pleased with the results.

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Yeah my nose is like that. Theres not a lot you can really do to get rid of them perminately. The clay mask was a good suggestion. You should regularly exfoliate to.

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