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Please help me!!! Dilemma, after Zithromax (unsuccefully treatment), should I try Minocin?

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Hello all,

I am 23 years old female.

I am on dilemma, but first of all I would like to tell some things about me.

I have a cyst for about two years, in more than a year ago (may be 15 months ago) I visited a dermatology (1st doc) who proposed me to take some blood tests in order to check some hormones and then take some "heavy" pills. I was afraid and I prefer to have that only one spot on my fice (except this, my face was clear), rather than taking serious medicines.

Nearly about last November I visited another dermatology (2nd one), who told me who characterized the spot as granuloma and told me to visit a plastic surgeon as soon as possibly, and as I was scared it, i did it. The plactic surgeon told me that it is a cyst, that it can be remove surgically, but in this case I will be left with a cicatrice, and suggested me to see a dermatology to take medicine for acne.

In January I visit him (3rd doc), I was diagnosted with inflamed acne, but of mild type, and he told me that there are three stages of treatment,

a. first I would try if antibiotics work for me,

b. second I would take more advance pills (he meant accutane),

c. and if neither of the previous work then I should have my cyst removed surgically.

I did blood tests and ultrasound and I was not having a abnormal indication. He prescripted Zithromax for me, and i took it for four months, (500mg Monday, 500mg Thursday, 500mg Friday). So I took 4 packs of it...

Anyway although he prescribed me with and some others medicines, to apply topical, which I did until July, but nothing help a lot. In the meanwhile, i had "achieved" a mild acne.

Anyway, he told me that I should try Accutane. I am against it, so I visit another doctor (4th dermatology), who told me that ok, you have took a lot of medication, but I dont know if you have improved much or not, so i suggest you to take minocin (compined with some gels). If 100mg minocin per day does not helps you, then you will take accutane....

Now, I am on dilemma, I have read all of this side effects of Accutane, I don't wanna put myself on risk, and I believe that I should try minocin. On the other hand, I read in some online reports that zithromax is at least as good as minocin is for acne, so I dont know if it worths talking it.

Sorry, for my very long post, but I am so confused. I am afraid of be infested in a wilder way, now I have the cyst and redness in my checks and roughness, -i believe that they are caused by Indoxyl and Skinoren. My problem certainly is not a severe one, but it is noticable, and I am so afraid whether it could get worse!!!

Since the age of about 20 my skin was so clear, almost perfect.

I am sorry for my poor english and for make you tired.

I will appreciate any opinion/help.

Thank you!

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I feel that I should updater this topics.

After visiting another derm (Monday 9/17) who works at a hospital which is speciefical for dermatological diseases, I was recommended to take isotetrinoin, b/c as they told me my acne is persistant, and if I take again,antibiotics then there is a very small possibility for my problem to be reduced, not solved. My acne will not get better after finishing antibiotic treatment.

So now I am on 8th day.

So far, so good.


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