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Tiny pimples on my upper lip!!

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Everytime I get my threading done, around 3-4 tiny whiteheads appear on each side of my face, just where my upper lip starts! It's definitely not 'coz of the parlour, 'coz I've changed parlours a million times and it still continues.. And it's not 'coz of the thread either, 'coz I don't get these pimples under my eyebrows! Plus, these darn whiteheads take about a week and a half to get cleared, by which time I have to go to the parlour again!!! :(:( Can someone please shed some light onto this?!

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It's just because your skin is irritated from the threading. Just like some people have irritation when they wax their brows or upper lip.... =)

I do threading, so I have experience with this stuff. EXCEPT, I get big red pimples that hurt like a mother f*****. lol.

So.....it's totally normal. What you should do is, when you get home, rinse with water and just clean it out. Then, take pimple cream. I use clindamycin. It works really well. And rub it in all over your upper lip. Go to sleep with the cream on too.

In the morning, you should have less pimples, or no pimples. =D.

But yea, after you get it done, wash it, and put some acne cream on. DON'T put neosporin on, or any antibiotic cream. xD

k,... if you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me!


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I have the same problem with eyebrow waxing. I get tens of little whitehead around my brows after.

Maybe like the last poster said, your skin is sensitive to threading. And your eyebrow area is just not as acne-prone as your upper lip area.

Maybe try some other method of getting rid of the hair?

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