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So I'm like a lot of people here....I'm 28 and I've had acne for more than 14 years. In fact, I scarcely know what I look like without acne. There were a few months earlier this year that I had clear skin, and while it was wonderful, I was always wondering when my little friends would rear their ugly heads again. Strangely enough, I was only using Burt's Bee's Tomato Complexion Soap, applied with a face brush, and apple cider vinegar diluted with water and a couple of aspirins thrown in for good measure as a toner.

Anyway, I ran out of the soap and couldn't find it at the store, so I bought something else, that made my skin break out like crazy. It was really harsh stuff. So then I decided to try a holistic approach, avoiding soda, wheat, dairy, sugar and glutens. Needless to say that sucked, nevermind that it didn't work.

That was when I came upon Skintactix. I might have selected the wrong product for myself, but it also made my skin crazy. They warn that at 3 weeks you'll experience an outbreak, but that is just acne saying goodbye. I was on a business trip and also en route to seeing my old college roommate. I felt ashamed and gross and like I just wanted hide.

I continued using the Skintactix and getting monthly facials, and my skin basically remained the same. I looked like I had a beard from all the acne around my skin. Just I thought it was leaving, it would surface again. My skin hadn't been this bad in months.

And then yesterday I woke up with a cyst so bad that the whole side of my face was swollen. I called in sick (not the first time for a cyst) and made an appointment with the derm.

Enough was enough. I was going to insist that he put me on Accutane or I was switching derms. And then I chickened out. But when he saw me he was a little floored. He went through my file and suggested that we start at the beginning again with antibiotics. I am so sick of being antibiotics. And then he asked if I would like to try Accutane.

He told me what a wonderful drug it was. He asked if I never wanted to deal with acne again, this was what I needed to do.

I had been hesitant before about the drug, but I am ready now. He's been a derm for more than 20 years, and I totally trust him, and after seeing the wonderful results people here have had, I am eager to get started. Tomorrow I take my first blood test, and then again in a month.

This message board has been a wonderful find. It is so nice to know that I am not the only one dealing with acne...it seems like everyone I know has clear beautiful skin, and soon I hope to too!

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Good luck! I want to keep track of your log! Hope you have a smooth process!! Good luck and keep in touch! And if you want a little fun remember to leave your little tabs in really strange places! :)

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Personally I used it in High School and College (3 times) with no long term luck (I am female). My cousin, however used it and it worked fabulously for him. I would give it a try. I think it really depends on the person and the type of acne. Mine seems to be more hormonal/stress related and it worked while I was on it.

You will probably have good luck with it. If not, then you will at least have a few months of clear skin and know to look at other items in the future.

Plus the winter is a great time to take it. You must be careful about the sun.

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I hate IPledge, and at this point I am starting to think that my doctor is an idiot. I took two pregnancy tests 30 days apart, and then went in for my prescription. My doctor was obviously having a hard time using the internet to sign me up for the program. He left me in the examining room and I could hear him and his assistant lightly arguing about how to go about it. He finally came back in the room with the prescription and said that he "thought" that I could go fill the prescription.

I go to fill the prescription. They don't have Accutane in stock, but said they would order it and that it would come in the next day.

I tried to pick up the prescription yesterday, but the IPledge system said that I wasn't eligible.

The reason? Apparently the IPledge system asks the doctor to enter a numerical value for the results of the pregancy test. He entered "negative." This locked me out. I had to go back this morning and take a urine pregnancy test, which I did.

My doctor is out of the office and won't be back until Monday. That is the 7th day.

I haven't been this frustrated in a long, long time. It's especially bothersome when I feel like I've completed all the necessary steps and I still can't get the medicine.

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