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Double Dose

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hey katylady, i've been reading your log and i love it! i'm starting accutane in a few days and it's encouraging to see people with suck quick improvements.

as far as the redness you're talking about, in the pic it looks like you're a little flushed but i wouldn't say "red" ..... just that you have a rosy glow is all :)

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Day 79 52% Complete!

UPDATE: Somehow I got ahead on my days! It took me forever to back track to find my mistake!! All of the other dates in the log have been corrected! It sucks to feel as though I'm not as far as I thought, but at least it's right! Sorry guys!

Things are going great. Lots of side effects lately.

The most bothersome issue I'm having :nag:: my incredibly painful dry lips. It seems that lately nothing really helps them :wall: , only Aquaphor soothes. They are terribly peely and red. Very ugly. I finally had an eye exam. Seems the Accutane has caused my vision to distort a little - I've been having double/blurred vision, decreased night vision, light sensitivity, and headaches :wall: . I've had very dry, itchy/stinging, watery, and very red/bloodshot eyes. :blink:

Here are some examples of the symptoms I noticed: While in class during lectures (sitting further back in class) trying to read the screen at the front of the room I would see it clearly, then a moment later it would be blurry. :wacko: Also watching television, if there was text on the screen I would notice I was seeing a second image of the text.

Oddly enough, the ophthalmologist who examined my eyes had also been on Accutane and said that the medicine can distort your vision because it changes your tear-ducts. I have been using two different types of lubricating artificial tears: Systane Long Lasting Relief Dry Eye Therapy and Refresh Liquigel Lubricant Eye Drops For Moderate to Severe Dry Eye. Prior to my eye exam I was only applying drops in my eyes when I felt it necessary/thought of it. However the ophthalmologist told me that they need to be applied a minimum of 4 times a day, then additional drops when needed. He prescribed new glasses for me to wear. So I now have a new pair of Rx Reading Glasses! He told me to wear them whenever I am on the computer ( :rolleyes: yes, I am now!), during reading, and writing, etc. Here is a pic of me in my new sporty glasses - NO MAKE UP!. (I love them because they are pink on the other side!) :lol:

Here is some info I found online:

Dry eyes are a common problem. There are multiple contributing factors and a spectrum of severity. The film of tears over your eyes is composed of oil, water and mucin. These are produced in the meibomian glands, lacrimal glands, and goblet cells. Your tears are then spread by your eyelids to coat your eyeballs, which helps to moisten them. The tears drain away through a tear duct that is found in the inner part of your lower eyelid. If this is blocked it will produce excess tears and lead to watery eyes.

Many disease conditions, trauma, and/or environmental conditions may play a part in causing symptoms of dry eyes such as burning, grittiness, and blurry vision. It is also known that a low level of inflammation that is often not seen (subclinical) can produce dry eyes. Accutane® (isotretinoin) will cause dry eyes in some individuals. You may find this to be a problem, particularly if you wear contact lenses. You may need to stop wearing them temporarily, but frequent use of artificial tears may allow you to continue using your lenses.

Artificial tears have active ingredients that may contain various methylcellulose compounds, polyvinyl alcohol, and polyethylene glycol. Isotretinoin - Side Effects And Treatment Of Side Effects

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Guest AcneProne_1977

Your hair looks gorgeous, what a GREAT cut she gave you!! I love those layers... it totally suits you - enjoy it!

Tippy is soooo cute unwrapping his xmas gift. :)

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Day 100 66% Complete!

(Feels good to say 100 days!!!)

Everything is great - all is going well! No blemishes. Only marks are from the places Tippy has bitten or scratched me on my face. :rolleyes: Not so pretty with long red claw marks on my forehead... However I did not realize how sensitive my skin was until my dog scratched it. Obviously it would hurt, but the discomfort was greater and lasted much longer. Just something I noticed.

Anyway the most bothersome part of Accutane thus far has been the constant dry peely lips. They feel raw and bruised. I hate it!! I can handle it for another month tough if it means my skin will stay this clear (hopefully) for the majority of the remainder of my life. :pray: Wouldn't that be lovely?

Also there is MUCH bigger news that I am pleased and proud to say: today is Jamie's LAST DAY ON ACCUTANE!! :clap: I am so proud of him and so happy he has completed the five months successfully. I am only 50 days behind him. Soon enough! Anyway his skin looks incredible and he seems so confident. As he should.

PS: Thank you effs334 for your encouragement and compliments!! Good luck throughout your first week!

100 days down... 50 to go!

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Day 130 86% Complete!

I'm shocked that my 130th day has arrived. That means I have 20 more days until I FINALLY complete taking the med. Taking Accutane is one of the greatest choices I have made. My skin tone is even, and it is not bumpy anymore. I am still unhappy with the redness of my face, but I'm hoping this will gradually fade as I go off of the medicine. It's so bad that when I work out, random people have said, "You must have a great workout! Your face is sooo red!!" and if I forget a person's name it shows on my face because it instantly turns the color of a fire engine. Lately my lips have been a mess. They peel terribly and hurt. It's so cold out some days that if I smile or laugh they will split in certain places. It's awful!! I have not had any breakouts until yesterday. I am starting to get a really painful active above my left nostril. It hurts terribly, and I'm hoping it will go down tonight (and just go away!!) because it throbs. Ahh! Other than that, I think everything is going well. I have been working out for the last three weeks with my best friend and feel great about myself. We also joined a yoga class at my gym. It's the most wonderful and peaceful thing I've done for myself. I wish the class was a few hours not just one!

:dance: In other exciting news, today is Jamie's very last OFFICIAL day of being on Accutane!!! His 30 days of waiting for the med to get out of his system ended TODAY!! :dance: He is so excited, and I am so happy for him!! He is going out tonight to party and celebrate! Haha! 6 months of waiting!! I will complete mine on Feb. 29th, and then 30 days after that I will be DONE!!! Cannot wait! Also, my friends (who were having the baby girl) had her on Monday morning! They asked me to be the God-Mother. I am so proud and excited! Brag Brag Brag!! :nag:

Anyway, Hope all is well with my fellow Accutane-taking-friends!!



Tippy and Me

130 days down... 20 to go!

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Day 132 88% Complete

Quick Update: The active above my left nostril that I mentioned two days ago was terrible. Miserable. Later that night it became so swollen that it hurt to barely move my nose. I could not even blow it because it hurt so terribly to touch it. I tried using a warm compress but it was too painful and felt as though it was accomplishing very little. So I tried the old household myth of putting a potato slice on it. Now let me say that I typically think those types of "tricks" :liar: are bologna but I was desperate. I literally began to look like Rudolf :boohoo: and I refused to go out Saturday night because of it. Anyway I caved in and tried it and IT WORKED! I could NOT believe it! The swelling went down almost immediately, and so did the redness. I simply sliced up a potato and held or gently rubbed it over the spot. Then I took two Tylenol pills, and one Ibuprofen, and a full glass of water. When I woke up my nose was back to normal size, and the redness was much more mild. I did it in the morning and it worked EVEN MORE! I am still shocked. :shock: Who knew?

Here are new updated pics of my progress.

End of 18th Week (in 5th month) (redness on my nose in left profile still visible... :wall: )

Comparison: One Month Before Tane vs Middle of 5th Month :dance:

:clap: I think I look great - I feel great!

5 Months of Progress on Accutane

Accutane has been the greatest decision I've made. I feel so much more confident about myself. It's still hard for me to believe that I'm almost (FINALLY) through and how much my skin has changed. This has gone by so quickly and my only regret is not having done it sooner. Only 18 more days to go!!

132 days down... 18 days to go!

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Wow, this log is really entertaining :D

Those comparison pics are amazing! It's so dramatic how much it has improved side by side. I just started out but I'm really looking forward to finally having acne behind me by this summer. Good luck with your last month!!

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Day 140 93% Complete

I am truly stunned :shock: that I am 10 days away from completing this love-hate drug. It has gone by both turtle speed slow and rabbit speed fast. For the last month I have had a tally sheet counting down the days - as though I am an inmate scratching my way to victory on the walls of a jail sell. :wall: Ha!

The redness :redface: is still here - hopefully not to stay, because it seems to have made itself quite comfy and I hate it!! I have two major complaints :nag: : My lips are what Jamie and I call "Roastbeef" because they are peeling and shredded to bits. When the dry chapped parts peel, I have a tendency to pull at them, because the dry flakes look terrible. This only results in my lip tearing below my lip line and leaving an open raw split. It's awful. Sometimes if I smile my lips will just crack open in certain places. :( No matter how much Aquaphor I apply. It's dreadful.

The other complaint is the painful dry inner nose. I always have small amounts of blood in my tissues, and my nose aches inside. I've also had the very rim of my nostrils feel tender due to intense dryness. No matter how much salene spray I use! It feels dry and horrible, yet it runs constantly. Jamie said his nose was really runny as well during the last month. I have the dry patches on the backs of my arms as well.

Other than that, I'm pretty happy. I've been working out and take yoga classes twice a week and my attitude about everything is wonderful. I just feel happy. Finishing the med will be blissful. 30 days after that my friends are celebrating with me!! :dance: Cannot WAIT!! Thanks for all support!!



140 days down... 10 days to go!

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Today is my 144th day on Accutane. I have decided to stop taking the drug 6 days early. I feel I have (by far) met my cumulative dose that I have calculated from other places in the forums. If I continue to take it I will go over my dose. I did not ask my derm if this was OK, but she never listens to my concerns anyway so big deal.

I began to have really bad dryness on my cheeks two days ago and its getting worse. Inside my nose is cracked and sore and bleeding if I blow my nose. I hate it!! So ready to be finished! The redness is still bad so I've decided that there is no harm finishing now than taking six more days worth of pills. I am soooooooooo excited to stop taking it and worrying about it every day! I am so proud that I made it this far. My skin is "flawless" as quoted by my best friend today. What a great way to finish huh?!

Anyway thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement. This has been a long journey, but it went by quicker than I had imagined.

I will check in and give updates about my progress off of Accutane! SOOO EXCITED!! :dance:


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Congratulations Katy!!!!! I thought of you when I was in the derm's office recently and he said "Wow. Your skin is really red!" Thanks to you, I knew it wasn't anything to freak out about.

Keep us updated on life after Tane. Enjoy your flawless skin, you've earned it.


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4 days post-Accutane

I was going to wait at least a week, but I'm too excited to wait. I have already noticed a HUGE improvement in the lessening of the redness :redface: in my face since stopping the med!! Call me crazy, but it the flushing has minimized in my opinion. I hope this is a good sign that the redness it was only something to worry about while on the drug. So for those who have been concerned as well, look forward to completing the drug and hopefully a red-free face!! :D

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congrats on finishing the 'tane! i saw you replied to my post on the tanning...i waited about 4 weeks and then went..and i actually tan ALOT better now! Its so weird?? And also, i would be careful about waxing your eyebrows and such...it was super painful and super red for me even after 4 weeks post tane. but other than that CONGRATULATIONS!! good luck with everything!!

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5 Months (to the day) Post Accutane

Wanted to update. My skin is smooth smooth smooth! Throughout my course on Accutane I was extremely sensitive to the sun, and my face flushed (redness) very often. Since summer has started I have not had any sun sensitivity issues, and the flushing only occurs when it's very hot, a little when I'm embarrassed/nervous, and especially while running/working out. Overall I am tremendously happy with the results and couldn't be any more pleased. Family, friends, and even strangers compliment how "glowing" or "clear" my skin is. I worked hard for it, and I'm so happy!

These are picture of my skin 4 months after completing Accutane. No make-up.


Right Cheek

Left Cheek

I have noticed that my shoulders have very tiny bumps on them. Like itty bitty zits, and the texture is driving me nuts. Saw the health center at school and they said it's nothing to worry about. Hopefully that goes away...

New news: Jamie moved to Detroit, MIchigan in June! Here is a pic of us packing his things from school. Uhaul I will finish my degree and complete student teaching and move there in Decemeber. We are so excited!! I miss him terribly though. The distance is quite difficult. Here we are in Windsor, Ontario across the Detroit River with Detroit's skyline in view. Jamie & Katy Detroit Skyline

Hope all is well with everyone and your progress going well! Charlee thanks for the encouragement!

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I'm really happy for you, your skin looks beautiful ! Unfortunately for me i may have to go back on it, well itf the derm lets me, spots coming back :( i think i may need a higher dose... i want to get rid for good ! xx

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