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is there any way to see a derm w/o insurance that would defray the cost at all?

pharmacies in the area take my plan but no derms do and i desperately need to get looked at, any suggestions??

sorry if wrong forum, just know that this has the most traffic and really need some help

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Call around & ask. Tell them straight out that you have no insurance & need treatment really badly for you acne.

My derm appointments run around $160. My last one was just $80 though, cuz it was a follow-up.

My insurance did not cover the prescription my derm wanted to give me & so gave me a coupon (which I didn't take - I made her write me a generic prescription cuz then my insurance would cover it). So they do have coupons sometimes for prescriptions.

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thanks guys

i can get prescrips no problem, in fact my derm from home called in doryx for me and there are a bunch of pharm that take the insurance just no derms but it has gotten alot worse and i dont think i can make it to xmas break, guess i'll just have to pay out of pocket

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This is the first time in my life I have had insurance, hah, and I still end up paying! Anyways, when I did'nt have insurance I used to go to the derm and it was only $75 for the visit. I just finally told this derm that I have already tried everything for several years and I don't want to screw with antibiotics and topicals because they are not working, surprisingly this women was real quick to get me started with the isotretinoin. And the other derm working there she had taken accutane herself.

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I'd look into the details of your plan. Sometimes there are exceptions when there is no one in your area, but insurers don't like to make that public knowledge. Also, be persistent.

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