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Anybody know how to get rid of stretch marks?

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coco butter and Vit E oil may (possibly) help you PREVENT them, but it is unlikely to get rid of them. A stretchmark is a scar ultimately and not just a superficial mark.

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What exactly is a strech mark.I hear about stretch marks all the time but I don't know what they look like.

Can someone provide me with pics, a link to pictures that show waht stretch marks are.

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Thanks Anna

So thats what stretch amrks are.

Well I got them then on my outer thighs near my buttocks.

I have heard that stretch marks coome with age and or pregnancy.

I am 27 almost 28 so I am not really old to get stretch marks so why do i have them.

I have had them for many many years ,back when I was in my late teens and I have always been skinny so I don't understand How i am aflicted with them?

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Stretch marks don't come with age. You get them because of rapid weight gain/loss and rapid growth.

I've got a few on my lower back and some more on my buttocks. I got them when I was 14(I'm 22 now) 'cause I went from 5 feet to 6' 2" in just 3 months.

I think there's a way to get rid of them. I saw a report on FOX news about a way to get rid of them with some laser or something, unfortunately I didn't see the whole thing so I can't recall names. But I guess a quick search on Google should give you answers.

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How I have been treating my Stretchmarks:

1. for around 4 months, I did weekly 40% glycolic peels for 15-20 minutes (for some reason I can handle a long time for glycolic on my stomach but 5 minutes on my face causes burns - maybe coz the skin is ) - then daily I would apply the skin biologys copper peptides tri reduction P&R daily (I hate the smell and colour!) - for that, maybe I got 20-25% improvement.

2. I then had a series of 10-12 (can't remember) microdermabrasion sessions on them - spaced 7-10 days apart ... and also massaged my stomach with olive oil every day and that made an extra 20-25% improvement (kind of expensive)

So, overall, I had maybe 45% improvements from the above

3. At present I am treating as follows: (he he... new plan!!!!)

*TCA complex - 2 swipes in a day, done every 1-2 weeks

*Camellia oil massaged in twice a day (meant to be good for stretchmarks)

* papaya soap as a body exfoliator daily

I am seeing improvements from the above too.

How did I get these damned stretch marks? I had twins 10 years ago and went right through to 40 weeks ... so you can imagine the size my stomach blew out to (and I was skinny to start with).

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