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Would anyone be sweet enough to help me out? :)

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Hi guys! I've never used makeup before. However I held my breath and went to the MAC counter and got an exact match for the NW40 studio fix powder/foundation and I bought the 150 brush ($50 '_'). I remember a topic on how to apply makeup but I can't find it. Can someone help me? I would like you know how to apply with the brush and how to take care of my brush. Tomarrow university starts and all I have is redmarks (I had a nasty reaction that gave me around 20 of them recently but luckily it's only redmarks no acne anymore.)

If anyone would be kind enough to help me out, give me a tip or two I'd love you forever lol.

What I gather is:

1- shower, etc

2- acne creme

3- moisturize

4- wait a bit

5- do something magical with the brush and foundation

6- clean the brush?

I'm in quite the prediciment as you can see... :redface: Last week I bought a leather jacket and asked the people if I can put it in the wash just so you know what you're dealing with. :doh:

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Just a thought(however, unhelpfull): if that's you in your personal photo,

you do NOT need makeup ;)

Sorry if that's dumb.

Thanks a lot The Effendi, sometimes I'm quite photogenic, you're very kind -- you should see some of my other pics though. :) I had a bad folliculitis attack (it's like acne but worse) recently though which added a lot of redness/marks and my derm put be back on acne anti-biotics because it was pretty severe. I'm on retin-a so the marks will eventually go away but until it does I'd love to know how to apply this. I know you probably think I'm one of those crazy people who get up close to the mirror with bad bathroom lighting (I used to do this actually...) but I've been left with a lot of marks and until it gets down to about 10 or less I feel like using makeup. Plus, I already bought it, and the brush is terribly expensive!!

So please, any tips at all on what I do with this brush... strokes, applying, cleaning, patting... moisturizing... murphey's law is my philosophy. And again thanks you're very sweet, and hopefully in a few months if I don't have an attack again I can go back to being cute. :blush:

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I've never used MAC's Studio Fix powder ( I used the Studio Fix Fluid), but I have used many types of mineral and powder foundations. I'd suggest sweeping the brush on the foundation, tapping off any excess, then applying it in circular motions. Personally, I find that I get better coverage when I apply after moisturizing - but when my face is still a bit "moist". Keep in mind, though, I haven't tried the powdered Studio Fix before so I'm not sure how it'll turn out for you. Just keep experimenting until you find a coverage and application method you like.

Also, I have the 150 brush, but I use it for blush and loose powder only. If you find that you're not getting as much coverage as you'd like, a kabuki brush would probably help alot.

Here is an example of what a kabuki brush looks like in case you're unfamiliar with them:


Hope to help :)

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