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Mr Pipps

Mr Pipps' (UK) daily accutane log

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The days have been flying by and I have barely been able to keep track.

One interesting update: My dose has now been increased to 60mg per day. This is a gradual increase from the 20mg which I started on. Two 20mg increments at two weeks apart.

As a result of this approach, I am finding that there has been no initial outbreaks at all.

One problem is that I have been unable to use a topical lotion such as Panoxyl, which contains Benzoyl Peroxide, to keep any low levels of small spots away.

I have been fortunate enough to have found a very useful alternative - Dalacin T.

It is alcohol based, so won't dry my skin as much as BP would. It is much like an aftershave, in that respect. It is also designed to combat any low-level skin infections which may present as acne. As a man who has to shave his face and neck regularly, I have often been prone to skin infections which present as acne.

With the 6mg Isotretinoin, the Dalacin T, and the occasional plucking of any ingrowing hairs, I am finding that I have barely any facial blemishes at all.

Only the areas of dry skin around my mouth remain! :)

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I have been on 60mg for 3 weeks now.

I am noticing that my dry facial skin and dry lips are now beginning to disappear.

Perhaps it is because I am getting better at drinking the right amounts of water and moisturing my lips and neck properly.

Or perhaps it is because my body is getting used to the Vitamin A?

What do you think?

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Everything is still going really well with the 60mg per day. My face, neck and back have never been better!

I'm just trying to deal with my ingrown neck hairs now. Then, I should be set! :)

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