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Side effects on a low dose :s

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So im taking 10mg and so far today my nose has bled, my throat is always dry and when i run a fingernail along the skin on my arm it turns white with dead flaky skin lol yick! i thought such a low dose wouldnt give me these kind of side effects.

I really sympathise with those of you on 80mg+ a day!

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you should not be getting those symptoms with a 10mg a day dose, like at all. talk to your derm, maybe there is something else going on or you are having adverse side effects from the drug.

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Yeah thats what i was thinking....i was on 40-60mg 7 years ago and the side effects were marginally worse than they are now (except for the ingrown toenails) :( this is isotane though, and 7 years ago i took roaccutane...maybe my body doesnt like the generic?

I shall email my derm and ask him :)

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I took a low dose and got symptoms at first, and they dissipated. Some people are just very sensitive. But with that said, talk to your Derm. Though i suggest you try to manage those side effects as best you can, and perhaps ride out the bumps for now.

Chin up, don't assume the worst :D

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I'm on 10mg for 7 months now and the only side effect I have is dry lips. I agree, it's good idea to ask your derm what is going on with your skin.

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Yea, I experienced a ton of dryness, but be sure your intake of water is like, as much as you can possibly drink everyday. Just carry around a big water bottle with you wherever you go, and drink gradually, not all at once.

Good luck


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