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What type of Insurance for Accutane

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Hey guys, I was just wondering what type of health insurance you guys had to be able to get accutane? I'm a poor graduate student that needs accutane. Thanks.

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I have independence blue cross-keystone, generics are free (I'm lucky). School insurance is crap, I called it 'hit by a bus insurance' when I had it. I think the deductible was $1000 and only covered up to I think $500,00? I'm only on week 2, but if it does what I expect it to do, it's worth the money.

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I don't know how good the school medical program is. I'll have to check it out. Anyhow, how much do you pay for the independent blue cross?

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I get it through my company, but I believe it's ridiculously expensive (several hundred dollars a month) when my dad *sorta retired (retired from one job, started another) he had to pay over a $1000 a month to cover the insurance between starting the new job (and that was regulated through cobra - so I believe they couldn't raise the prices.)

Here is a link to a thread of someone that had similar problems. I did not realize how expensive the program will be. Not only the drugs, but blood tests and visits to the dermatologist will be very expensive if paid out of pocket.


If you go to a very large college, maybe they'll have a full medical facility where you can get bloodwork and visits to a derm for free? If not, I think the best option would be to go to a dermatologist, explain your situation. They'll at least be able to give you free samples of what ever medicine will help and hold you over until you graduate and get insurance. When I had that crap insurance post college, pre-job, I needed to go to the doctor. He charged me like $20 and gave me free antibiotics, I think it's because he knew it was inevitable I'd get a good job and would stay with him after I had better insurance (which I did stay).

Just trying to throw out some ideas. This whole healthcare system suh-uccks.

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