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Hey, Ok ive been on accutane 1 capsule a day, 40mg for 29 days,(1 month) im 6'2 and weigh 190 anyway i have !NO! insurance ](*,) so im spending with the doc visists and blood tests ect about $600 a month or more sad.gif i barley have enough for bills and food seriously, derm wanted to put me on 2 capsules a day this month but that would be over $1000 a month, anway MY QUESTION IS- After 1 MONTH ON 40mG 1capsule a day, I am still Breaking out? is this common? or what, i still keep breaking out pretty bad and its been a month now? let me know if im wasting my money on accutane and if i should stop it, after all i think ive seen a ruffly 10% improvment on my face, nothin big, please HELP

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Where do you live ?

And i would suggest you stay on accutane, this is nrmal fo you to break out liekthis een within a month..don't wory... once it's all over...you will have claer skin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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I would base your acne treatment around the money you have after bills and food instead of the other way around. Your acne may be bad, but it's nothing compared to not eating properly or getting in debt.

In answer to your question, a breakout in the first stages of Accutane is perfectly normal and happens to a great deal of Accutane users.

Hope this helps you.

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