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Products For Aussie While on Accutane!!!!!!

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can anybody recommend any good acne products while on Accutane? that are available in Sydney .etc

eg, moisturizer with SPF, lip balm, face wash

so far i used between neutrogena extra sensitive, nivea sensitive with chamomile and vitamin e

and QV face wash

i like QV the most, also the moisturizer Ive been using is QV with SPF 30

the lip balm i use is Hamilton

is there anything better?


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If what you're using at the moment is working then you don't need to change. I found that during my course hamilton wasn't enough for my lips, if you want something better try blistex lip conditioner, it's the one in the tub or Carmex. You should be able to pick them up from somewhere like priceline, your chemist or even your local supermarket. Goodluck.

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hey sam,

im an aussie too! hoping to start on accutane soon. sorry i dont have any other products to reccommend but i was wondering how ur going on accutane? how bad was your skin to start with?


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well did you read the roaccutane booklet or talk to your dermatologist?? This is what the accutane booklet suggests:

Face Wash:

QV Wash (this is what I use, seems fine so far)


Hamilton Wash


Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer (i use this as well, so far good. just don't overdo it in the mornings or you will look very shiny)


Eulactol moisturizing lotion


johnson and johnson baby sorbelene cream

Sun creams:

QV face moisturizing day cream


sunsense low irritant SPF 30+


Tri-shave 3 in 1 moistising lotion

Dry Scalp/Shampoo:

Johnsons baby shampoo (i use this)


ionil-T scalp cleaner with owentar


polytar liquid


Trishave Anti-Rash shave cream


Trishave Post Shave moisturizing lotion spf 30+

It also says do not have showers for longer than 2 mins, and not too hot. Also, over washing your face can cause break outs.

Make sure any products you get are OIL FREE. read the ingredients for anything that has oil in the name, unless it specifically says on the product "Oil Free", those exact words. But the products listed come right from the horses mouth for when you're taking accutane, so i'd stick with those if I were you.

@ julzee:

I took accutane 5 years ago when i had severe acne, and although i didn't finish it/take it properly because of personal issues and i went on a holiday, it did clear my acne to light/moderate off and on. now i'm on a light dose of accutane and i'm only in the first week so i'm starting to break out as is expected. this time i'm going to follow the regime down to a T, haha. Just make sure you only moisturize and cleanse, do not use BP or anything else while on accutane. start moisturizing at least twice a day and using lip balm or you WILL regret it. Chapped lips are almost unavoidable, that was the worst part of using accutane, the second is the dry face. Seriously, moisturize and use lip balm or you'll regret it, i can't stress that enough. Also, the second thing to be aware of when taking accutane is that you WILL break out when you start taking it in the first week, maybe even for 2 or 3 weeks. it's depressing, but inevitable, and make sure you do not use products on the pimples, just the moisturizing and cleansing you do twice a day (and no more).

good luck. anymore questions just ask

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hey again.

well im thinking about staying on the QV face wash as i like it

as for the lip cream, i might give the QV lip balm ago, i tried the blistex and i didn't like it

and for the moisturizer im thinking about staying on the QV moisturizer with SPF 30

so i guess QV is the brand for me, lol before i was on accutane i looked at QV and i thought what a shit brand i will never use this, guess what i am now ;)

@ julzee:

well my skin was really really oily; it looked yuk. i had alot of acne on my cheeks and red/marks

plus ive tried a number of topical antibiotics and oral (Bactrim) and none of them worked so i thought i dont want to have pimples any more and just went on accutane

so far so good and if your acne makes you think bad about your self or if you dont like it just try accutane

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