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I have tried everything to cure my mild to moderate acne, but I still get those infamous "time of the month" breakouts. The only common acne products that really work for me is the Phisoderm face wash, GA acid, toner, and BP cream...well that was until I went out on a huge limb!

I have recently become addicted to all of the amazing (and cheap) uses for white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. I mean you can drink this stuff for weight loss, cure colds, soothe sore throats, clean anything with it, and CURE ACNE!!

Try searching the uses for vinegar! They're endless!

The only downfall is smelling like a pickle, but for the brave of heart, once the smell goes away it is nothing short of a miracle. Vinegar not only works great at balancing your PH, it kills germs, removes last traces of soap, makeup, & dirt as well as works as an AHA, exfoliating your skin gently. NO IT does not burn! It is acidic, but not high enough to burn you. Oh did I mention completely safe, natural, and CHEAP! Just dilute it down to a 1:1 ratio with water or even less if you prefer.

I now use my favorite Phisoderm Acne Blemish 2% SA face wash, white vinegar as a toner, and *drum roll please* Tea Tree Oil instead of BP cream.

It takes me about 7 min every morning and night and my skin is thanking me!!

I wash my face with the SA wash and leave it on 5 min before washing it off, vinegar as a toner, and then the tea tree oil! SO EASY & SO FAST!

3 products under $6 dollars each and my skin has never looked better! It's so soft and clearing up so fast.

I WILL NEVER EVER USE BP CREAM AGAIN! It is too messy, irritating, and expensive!

I used it for 7 years and now that I have found Tea Tree Oil, all of my BP creams are going in the trash.

I really love this regimen! I noticed a difference over night and cleared up 100 x faster than I do with BP. I think the real gems in this regimen is balancing your Ph with the Vinegar and the amazing antiseptic qualities of the Tea Tree Oil.

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TTO is amazing, eh? :D

I've never tried to white vinegar on my skin, but I just got done doing a spot treat with the TTO, need to get a good amount of these spots cleared up before next Wednesday and TTO always seems to do the trick.

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I just started ACV yesterday and no lie - I can already tell a difference. I have been using it as a toner and drinking 2 tsp with water 3x a day. DOES NOT taste good - but hey, whatever works. I really believe that natural changes to the diet/using things from the earth are the best for our skin!

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