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Hi everybody. I know that there are a lot of others who are in the same situation as myself and I really have searched the Message Boards for HOURS/DAYS

But with my description/pics I would like to know whats the best Regime for my situation

I am 20, Male, Have had acne since 12, my skin is not too sensitive but oily skin, Mild/moderate acne, black/white heads

I "think" i also have Comedones, papules, and pustules (huge zits/bumps that appear and Dont Go Away)

After washing face it can be dry for maybe 20 mins but then my skin gets very oily

In the past (about 2 years ago in 05) I have gone to the Dermatologist and was given

-TetraCyclin(1 pill in morning one at night), Tazorac(apply in morning) and lastly i forgot what its called but was thick/smell like clay (apply at night), and avoided sunlight

I believe the Tetracyclin-or-night_clay thingy had stopped 50% of acne occurring, But i still did get zits/pimples

My Dermatologist told me to stay at this with nothing else to help my acne

Since beginning of this year I stopped going to the Dermatologist and stopped all prescriptions because I no longer have medical coverage; but will try to get medical coverage and go back to dermatologist

Since then I have been breaking out BADLY

Me Now (although they disgust me. will also try using better camera next time)

Forehead(Mainly just scars now) http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/GMon3y/IMAGE_018.jpg

Left Cheek http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/GMon3y/IMAGE_015.jpg

Left side neck http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/GMon3y/IMAGE_014.jpg

Neck front http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/GMon3y/IMAGE_013.jpg

Right Neck http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/GMon3y/IMAGE_012.jpg

Right Cheek http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/GMon3y/IMAGE_011.jpg

Chest (scars but zits occur ever now and then) http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/GMon3y/IMAGE_019.jpg

Back of Neck/Shoulders/back are the same as my Chest, scars with big zits occurring every now and then


With the descriptions/pictures of my scars and zits, What kind are some of those acne i have?

What are some good regimes anyone with anything similar can suggest that i try?

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Well the good thing is that since your 20 its not likely a hormonal problem like what i have so there is things that you can do that can totally kill off your acne. I strongly recommend you don't use any Bp and if you do only a spot treatment (Sulfur works WAY better for me but thats just me) Keep clean wash twice a day with something like a cetaphil and if you wash more then that don't use any harsh chemicals which include (Sacylic acid, Benzyol peroxide, Sulfur or any medical ingredients) I've heard that an asprin mask works really well with the red marks although I've never used it (Grind Asprin up and mix it with honey until its thick). If you haven't already tried it change your diet. This works for some people, they say to cut down on the Greese foods, sugar, dairy and grains. I personally use a Cetaphil cleanser morning/night then I use a sulfur spot treatment in the morning (Acnomel) it works well for me. I just recently started to put my whole face in luke warm - hot water and then using a cetaphil (Night) and then I press an Ice cube all over my face (Seals pore after being clean and it brings down inflammation) and then I apply "Bye Bye Blemish" as a face mask type thing (its done wonders for me and i strongly sudgest it).

So I'll put that in a regimen form

1.Wake up, if you have showers in the morning take a shower and use the "Baby brush method" theres a large thread on it.

2.Get out of the shower use a Cetaphil cleanser.

3.Apply a sulfur spot treatment (Acnomel).

4.Fill the sink in Luke warm to hot water for 60 seconds (in the evening right before you clean your pores).

5.Use a cetaphil cleanser to clean out the pores.

6.Get an Ice cube and wrap a thin sterile material around it and press it on the swollen parts (or whole face).

7.Apply "Bye Bye Blemish" overnight.

Hope this helps tell me your results :P

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I can give that a shot but, from your experience does it get rid of those huge bumps?

Also I still have a lot of red marks left from some old zits popping (that described as blackheads right??) Some have been there for weeks/months so whats best way to get rid of them?

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Left Cheek/Chin




Right Cheek/Chin








With the descriptions/pictures of my scars and zits, What kind are some of those acne i have??

What are some good regimes anyone with anything similar can suggest that i try??

Am going to start on CLO, baby brush method, Tazoric at night

Body: Then zapzyt 10% soap bar and apply AHA lotion on body

Mandelic Acid 15% Serum in morning, but unsure is this just spot or can it be applied all over like lotion or is this good enough??

Would this also be a good suggestion for face?? http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...amp;catid=48904

I hope anyone with similar cheek/chin acne can suggest anything..

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I think accutane would be the best option for you. Mainly because your acne is sufficient enough to warrant using it and because out of all the options for moderate-severe acne it has the greatest chance of clearing you up. My acne wasn't as bad as yours and I was put on accutane for 6 months and it cleared my skin up. Then my acne slowly started creeping back and after 2 years I went back on accutane (even though my acne was not as bad as it first was) and it again cleared my skin.

So, my point is for that type of acne accutane will do the best job, and even if it comes back (which it may not), it will be less aggressive than it is now.

good luck with it

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I will think about accutane if i can ever get medical coverage.

I am hoping others that have been successful doing other things than accutane can inform me anything.

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