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Sarah's Accutane Log , FINALLY!!

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Helloooo! Glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday! Love the Dirty Dancing quote - one of my faves!! I have a mess right next to my mouth as well! Then there is another joining... Good luck with the jawline that sounds awful! Have fun at your family dinner! Yummo! :D

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Day 12

Monday morning and at work :(

I feel okay, apart from the right side of may face on the jaw i still have the cyst which is smallish but not going down, and i can feel a painful one above it still under the skin, hopefully this one won't come to anything!!

My skin is not too dry, cetaphil is wonderful !! Lips are looking much better since using neutrogena 6 hour protection lip balm.

Flushing and blushing and itchiness has been alot less frequent over the last 3 days so i hope it stays like this !

Slightly achy back, i do feel like an old lady when i try and get out of a chair !! lol

I have an appointment on Thursday with my derm, i am just going to check with him on my dosage for my sensitive pre rosacea skin .


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Guest AcneProne_1977

Happy Monday! Blah. LOL

Glad to hear that you're having some relief from the itchies!!


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Day 14 - 2 weeks in !

Well touch wood , but the last four days the side effects have been non exsistant really!

New lip bal is keeping lips nice and soft, i am applying it every 5 minutes, i think people at work think i have OCD !!

Cetaphil is amazing, keeps my skin comfortable , moisturised and Happy :)

Scalp is a bit itchy as well as eyebrows, never had dandruff in my eyebrows before - lol

Eyes slightly dry, and a bit red but only when i think about it.

I have a cluster of under the skin spots and whiteheads on my right jaw but if this is the IB i will be happy as its not that bad at all .

But i have put on alot of weight in the last 2 weeks !! Which will make me get my butt down the gym , i didn't realise weight gain was a side effect !!

Thanks for the support again Robyn and Katy !! I always look forward to reading your posts.

Hope your both doing good !!


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Guest AcneProne_1977

OMG - I laughed when you mentioned that people think you have OCD!! :lol:

It's hilarious cause I feel the exact same way. People probably think I have head lice as well cause today I've been scratching my head like crazy!

Glad you're feeling good the last couple of days and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that those bumps under the skin is your IB. :)


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Sarah I'm so happy for you! I hope we dodged the IB for sure. My skin has never felt or looked as great as it does. I'm so pleased. Does yours feel more smooth and clear? Mine does and it's soo shiny! you too? I can't wait for your pic updates!

I also noticed eye-brow dandruff haha! Very odd place to "shed" from... I hope your scalp is feeling better - my new shampoo (Head and Shoulders scalp care) really does wonders. I love it! I wash everyday without discomfort. I think I'm experiencing weight gain as well. :eh: I've been really good about eating with the meds and eating because it says Accutane works better if taken with food. I've been eating more so than normally... My derm said weight loss is something to expect... it could be my lack of exercise - perhaps tomorrow I will start getting back onto my workout routine that I promised I would start a month ago... :shifty:

Congrats on your symptoms slowing down! I've noticed mine are as well! Cheers to thinking positive! Here's to a busy day tomorrow, hopefully squeezing in a workout, and better skin! xoxo Katy

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Hey! Thanks for your comment! :D I still have plenty of leftover markings on my skin but I haven't actually had any new spots in a while. I really wish the same for you!!! Now that you're almost a full month in, the days will go by so fast. How's your scalp doing now that you're further in, btw?

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Day 31 !!

Wow i can't believe it was that long ago since i last posted !! i have been so busy at work and just trying to keep my mind occupied with other stuff.

I collected my 2nd month supply today, and so far touchwood i am breezing through.

I've had a few breakouts, my lips are slightly dry and split in the corners, and the skin on my arms are peeling !!

My skin tone is not so red and sensitive, and feels so smooth, it just looks much healthier.

My mood is great i feel happy and i feel like i have started living my life now i am not worrying about my skin all the time!

Personal life has been changing alot, i split up with my boyfriend, but it was for the best so i am positive about the decision. I went on a detox your life retreat for 4 days, it was a raw food reatreat , david wolfe from us was there speaking and shazzie a raw foodist from uk. I found it really inspiring and i have been experimenting with raw for last 3 months or so.

since the retreat i've been eating 100% raw and my i feel really different i,ts hard to explain, life just looks different ti me know and more positive!

Life is great :)


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Guest AcneProne_1977

Hey Sarah!

Glad to hear that you're doing so well and enjoying life and not worrying so much about acne anymore!! What a great feeling!!! :)

I've read about the raw food diet before, but haven't tried it yet. It's something I would definitely like to test out one day, I think I'd feel great!

Sorry to hear about your splitting with your bf, but as you said...it's in the best interest for both of you.

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Day 37

Well it was going so well and i'm still trying to stay postive but ..

My eyes sting and are bloodshot

I'm having trouble sleeping so i'm feeling tired and grumpy :evil:

My nails are all breaking off and really low so it's painful.

I tried to help a blackhead out between my eyebrows and the skin came off so now its all red and scabbie ! :redface:

My stomach feels really strange, i am having trouble eating, my stomach feels really hungry and empty but when i go to eat i can't and the strange hunger feeling stays!

My hair is really dry.

Just feel really down today :boohoo:

Right i've got that all out, i'm just feeling sorry for myself today.

Hopefully my little rant will now make me feel better. :box:

Hope the next week gets better !!

Thanks Robyn for your encourgement , glad your doing so well too ! Onwards and upwards ...Yeah the raw diet is really good alot of people say i am glowing well i was till today, i think i may be going through a healing crisis right now though !!


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Hey Sarah! It seems like you are going through a lot of changes right now! I wish you the best success in everything you're doing! ;)

I'm really interested in your new diet (not sure if I can do raw meat - do you have to do that?) But it sounds really interesting. I would LOVE to do a detox your life retreat! I googled it and will read on about it.

Anyhow I know how the low days can feel about your skin. My eyes were really bothersome red and bloodshot as well. My Dr. took me off the med - and I'm soo anxious to start back tomorrow!! She prescribed an ointment to put in my eyes :sick: - it's awful - but just to make sure I'm not harming my eyes. I really had trouble with sleeping, but now that I've been off it a few days it's not been as bad, and the lips are getting so much better - which is a good sign that once we complete Accutane perhaps we will go back to normal (minus acne!).

I hope you enjoy the end of your week and have a great weekend! Congrats on your one month down! Such a great feeling! I am now a week behind you so we'll get there someday hopefully! :D xoxo

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Guest AcneProne_1977

Hey Sarah,

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling crappy!! I've also had a few days here-and-there like that...I hope you feel better soon. If you have time to have a "me day", it really helps. I did that last Sunday... I layed on the couch in my pj's ALL day and watched TV, drank water, ate chocolate (!!!!), etc... and the next day I felt much better. :)

My hair is also really dry, I've been trying to do extra treatments and wash it less.

Hope you feel better soon, girl! :)

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day 49 !!

I keep getting breakouts :( They really aren't that bad i suppose, but my skin was really clear for a while and i kind of got used to it !

I've had 5 beauties in the last week, but its the red marks they eave behind so my skin looks worse than it really is :(

On a plus side though, my eyses feel better and not so dry, my skin has a healthy glow and i feel healthy no aches etc..

Plus i have a date, well i met this guy on a retreat i went too and we are going to meet in a couple of weeks as he lives a couple of hours away, so i am hoping my ib clears up by then !!

I went to a funeral today, so that may be the reason i don't feel so positive today, even thouigh i should be feeling more grateful ! She was only 28, she went to my yoga class, such a lovely girl, she had an aggressive cancer and was only diagnosed 13 months ago.

It was a lovely service but very sad.

makes me feel kinda shit for being down about my skin..


Hey robyn,

well i did a sarah day and lounged on the sofa in my pj's with my special raw chocolate bars and watched memoirs of a geisha, felt so much better after :angel: !! So thanks for the advise my love ,, hope all is well with your journey, and me too getting all dry down ther, not good at all :hand:


hey katy

Loved the pics of you, you and your boyf look so beaut and clear :wub: !!

Glad your eyes are all moist again :)

yeah the raw diet is amazing really recommend it, it keeps me in high spirits, well most of the time .. :):rolleyes:

It'll be great when we are all 2 months down and half way through !!

Bring it on :dance:

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Guest AcneProne_1977

Hey Sarah,

Sorry to hear that your skin is crappy right now... but things WILL get better - try to stay positive!!

Aren't "me days" the bestest?!

YAY for a date...let us know how it goes. :)

Those f***ing red marks totally suck... I know exactly what you mean about how they make your skin look worse. The good thing is that eventually they will go away.

On a side note... sorry to hear about your friend. :(

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55 days - nearly half way through !! woohoo :):dance:

So far skin has cleared up a lot everywhere, temples are clear of clogged pores! Forehead is crystal clear, nose and cheeks are clear and smooth, and around mouth has cleared up mostly too!

I have a few red marks around my right jawline and mouth from a week long breakout just before my period, this has calmed down a lot and at the moment i have one active on my jaw, which is very slowly going - HURRY UP , please !!

I've had a few breakouts on my upper and lower back but seems clear now, my chest is clear from all clogged pores as well which is a first since i was about 16 ! yay :):shock:

Side effects of tablets have not been too bad at all, i am not achy at all which I'm very happy about, but i haven't been particularly active except from Yoga and walking.

My eyes are okay sometimes a bit sore and dry but i can still wear my contacts which i am very happy about as I'm too vain for my glasses as they do NOT suit me !!;):wacko:

My face is not that dry, which i am amazed about, i am using a facial serum from the Sher system which has coconut oil, grape-seed extract to strengthen skin and lavender oil , bit of blurb below :

Multi-Action Serum is an advanced formulation containing ingredients identical to those present in young healthy skin. Multi-Action Serum counteracts the daily dehydration due to central heating, air conditioning, air travel, sun, wind and pore-clogging pollutants. Even oily skins can suffer from dehydration, which can lead to a dull and flaky complexion. This power performer contains Vitamins A, E and F together with amino acids and hyaluronic acid, a major achievement in skincare technology.

Vitamin A - Smooths dry, flaky skin and promotes cellular growth.

Vitamin E - A recognised healing agent, which increases oxygen levels.

Vitamin F - An essential ingredient to prevent dehydration.

Amino Acid - Increases the skin’s elasticity by strengthening the

connective tissues.

Lavendar Oil - A healing, soothing, antibiotic essential aromatherapy oil.

Hyaluronic Acid - Increases moisture retention and stimulates skin repair

I am also using cetaphil lotion on top of this morning and night, and this also amazing as it really sooths my sensitive skin and stops all flakes.

My hair is slightly dry , and i only have to wash it once, twice a week, i have started to use intensive treatment's which has helped dryness a lot, the 3 minute miracle by aussie is great and loreal hair oil.

My body isn't that dry and i haven't had to moisturise it , but i am too lazy to do that anyway, my legs are slightly flaky but they always where! I've had a few rashes on my hands , just flaky red skin, but if i just leave it alone it disappears in a week, and comes back every now and then..

I suppose the most annoying thing is the redness, I've always had rosy cheeks anyway, and flush easily , and i have mild rosacea i think but this cleared up 6 months to a year before i went on roaccutane. But i am flushing with every slight temperature change, every emotion, sadness , happiness, embarrassment and anger !! :red face:

I do plan though once i am off the tablets i will do a liver flush which i have heard is very beneficial to the skin, redness and body overall.

Then 6 months once skin is not so fragile i hope to have a photoderm facial which is a laser that removes redness and imperfections ! Anyway thats the plan ... :rolleyes:

I am very happy though that i decided to go on roacuutna and the 8 weeks has gone so quick !

I am much happier, more care free as i am not thinking about my skin every second ! I don't hide from mirrors in certain lighting anymore, life is much better and i am socializing more too, it feels like life has just begun and i'm starting to live it ! :)

By Christmas day i will only have 3 weeks to go. :angel:


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Guest AcneProne_1977

Glad to hear that you're feeling great!!

I would LOVE to do a liver flush once I'm done Accutane, but I'm soooo afraid of it breaking me out. A lot of people break out from those. :(

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Hello Sarah!

Congrats on nearly half way through! I'm stunned!! I'm so happy you are crystal clear! I have been taking advantage of it, but I certainly appreciate it! My hair has been dry as well, but I've been using a new conditioning cleanser from Wen which I am IN LOVE WITH!! My hair is really soft, shiny, and smells GREAT! Plus it doesn't feel dry or dull as it has been since on Accutane.

But i am flushing with every slight temperature change, every emotion, sadness , happiness, embarrassment and anger !! :red face:
This describes my face so much! Today I was sitting in the computer lab studying and it was about 85 degrees in the room and my face felt like it had a heart beat and it was BRIGHT RED! I felt so embarrassed! Do you think that this constant redness will have a lasting effect? I just hope it's not damaging my skin or that it will be something that lasts FOREVER! I would just die! Good luck with all and glad to see you are feeling so happy! :D xoxo
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Day 62 !!

Oh the redness !! GO AWAY!! I'm not sure if it's because i'm focusing on it more but my face is red much more these last few days:(

I do have a cold and my face feels all stuffed up and hot !! My nose is sore and looks like rudolph :)

I've invested in a good foundation, revlom colour stay but this doesn't hide all the redness if i have a bad flush, i am thinking i may get some of that green foundation to put under it .

Its not just the redness though as i could probably forget about it if my face didn't feel so sore and burning. I'm thinking it may not actually look as bad as it feels ?? Hopefully, but i have been obsessing about it which is not good :(

I want to be care free about my skin now my acne has cleared up i don't want to worrying about the redness !!

Hi robyn

Yeah i've heard it breaks people out but i was wondering if it would be different after accutane, as i think it would be much harder to break out?!

Plus i've heard once you flush your body free of all stones which usually takes 6-10 flushes, all ailment's dissapear, acne, allergies !!


Hi katy lady:)

I too am hoping this is not a permenant thing, the redness is getting me down, but i'm sure its because the skin is more sensitive and thinner on tane, i am sure once off it the redness will improve !! Fingers crossed anyway xx

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Day 63

Well today is much better ! My face is much calmer, i used emu oil last night and today seems to calm the flushing and redness ! Plus my cold is going so nose isn't so red !

Very happy at this as i am going to a poker night on saturday night and the guy i like will be there !!


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Hey Sarah,

Glad to hear things have been going well. This redness :redface: is making me so crazy. :wacko: I HATE it!! If I get really nervous/anxious/hot my face will flush BRIGHT red and it will feel so hot. Everyone says, "You look like you've got some sun today! What were you doing?" And I never have an interesting/fun story to tell them. It's really embarrassing! I saw my derm yesterday and she took one look at me and said, "WOW! You are REALLY red... let me talk [other Dr.]. I'll be right back." As if I wasn't dying when she said that!! She told me all about how the blood vessels in your face may be closer to the skin than other people, so the redness is increased. And that if those vessels are dilated for too long they may have a tendency to always stay dilated and remain more red in the face. So I left in tears thinking - I can either have a blemished face or a red one. :redface: Later, She called me back that evening and said that the other Dr. said it's possible it could be permanent but that is rare. That most people stop getting so red after they quit the medicine, or if not that soon than it can take anywhere as long as 6-12 months. (At least after 30 years that's what he's noticed.) Crossing my fingers that is accurate. I just hate looking like this. Literally looks as though I'm wearing a red face mask. How do you put your emu oil on? Or how much do you use? Good luck this week and CONGRATS to us for starting our 3rd month! Woohoo!! :dance: I am completing 5 months so I am more than have way done!!!

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wa hey !! Day 77 - can't believe i'll be collecting my fourth last month so sooon :)

I have had a couple of difficult weeks and i really felt down and so crappy , but it now looks more positive and i feel much happier!

My skin is looking peachy and very clear, i have one old spot healing near my lip, apart from that skin looks really good, i am so happy !!

Naughty Sarah though, as i did drink a couple glasses of wine at the weekend, but i don't feel too bad from it.

Hopefully i didn't do any damage :(

I've been using Emu Oil, which has kept my skin from getting dry, i would say my skin isn't any drier than before i was on the tablets which is really surprising ??

I'm loving my new foundation, which hides some old red marks.

So far soooooooo good ! Plus i have met this guy , and i can rarley say i really really like someone, but i do him ! I now just have to work my magic do get him to notice me !

Hi Katy lady

My redness comes on and off, its not so bad, i notice the more i focus on it the more red i get, but lately it hasn't been too bad.

I think once we are off accutane the redness will go, i'm sure it will :)

If not i have heard of a thing called vbeam laser which can take away the redness, but you have to wait 6 months to a year after finishing tane.

I hope you are still enjoying your beautiful clear skin xx


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Day 86

I must say life is beautiful, i am feeling really amazing at the moment, i am stress free and now i know how much my skin made me unhappy.

Now it is clear and normal, i don't even really think about it anymore, apart from when i'm admiring my skin :)

I had a little break out a week ago, and i will be starting my fourth and final month next Tuesday, can't believe how fast it's flown by !!

My skin is not dry at all thanks to the emu oil and cetaphil lotion!

My lips have only just started to peel but not really sore.

All my symptoms have calmed right down and i feel great!

I just want to say i am so glad i took the plunge and finally went for roaccutane.


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Guest AcneProne_1977

So glad to hear that you're doing well!!! YAY for your last month on tane. :)

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:dance:CONGRATULATIONS on your final month Sarah!! :dance:

Jamie is on his final month also. I will start my 4th month next Wednesday, but my derm said we have to be on it for 5 months. SO one more month to go! You will slide into the New Year with beautiful skin! Congrats again!! :D

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Hi Sarah! It's been a few months and I wanted to check in to see how things are progressing with you!! You must be finished by now. How are you adjusting to no medicine in your system?

I still have 20 days to go. My derm was horrible about messing up labs and prescriptions. But I'm nearly finished. How is your flushing after discontinuing Accutane? Has it faded a little? Mine is still terrible! My cheeks get so red and very hot to the touch. Like you said any temp/emotion change I am bright red and everyone knows it. I am also having the dry flaky backs of hands and small red rashes on my upper arms. My chest and back have also been clear for months now - which (like you said) is the first since I was an early teen! I LOVE IT! Hope all is well and can't wait to hear how you are.



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