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Ziana vs. Green Cream... + Help with Regimen?

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I have heard a lot of people (on these message boards) raving about "Green Cream". I'm currently using Ziana (a topical prescription medication that combines Clindamycin and a retinoid). I've been using it for a bit more than 2 months, and to be honest, haven't been THAT impressed with the results.

Currently I'm using:

-Ziana (PM application only)

-Fish oil capsules (3 in the morning)

-Multivitamin supp.

-Clarisonic brush cleansing AM/PM

-Jan Marini Clean Zyme cleanser and occasionaly Bliss "Steep Clean" cleanser

-I used to moisturize, but I have young, very oily skin, and that only made it MORE greasy, and I really don't experience much dryness so I stopped.

Now, what I'm wondering is- should I use this miraculous Green Cream or continue with the Ziana (which will help my acne-prone skin more?)

Also, if anyone else has any more suggestions, PLEASE let me know because I would appreciate it so very much. Also, I'm in my late teens so I really don't need any anti-aging benefits.

Edit: Also, I should add that I use a Lactic Acid peel twice a week to de-flake.

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i didnt start seeing results until month 3, yes it takes that long for everyone.My face was terrible in may when i started and now i have about 2 pimples on face.Im so glad i didnt stop and it is the only thing that has worked besides accutane. you need to give ziana a little time.trust me, dont give up yet.

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