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will small indented scars improve with collagen injection?

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I need help! I took accutane like 6 months ago and my skin is still scarring even if I'm not doing anything to it at all. All Ive been doing for the past months is wash my face and apply some topicals....spot treat. However, everytime I look in the mirror after washing my face in the morning is that I have new tiny indentations that are kind of poked by a small needle one by one and left me with a skin looking like I have big pores. Some of the scars are much bigger but it bothers me that I seem to be having new scars everyday! Damn accutane! Anyways, will collagen injection or saline injections help these scars??? I'm so desperate nd I'm willing to spend a big chunk of money to fix this problem..Thanks!


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You need to ask your derm. But wait another 6 months before you do anything. My derm will not even discuss scar treatments with me until I have waited at least 10-12 months. She says the scars will continue to remodel themselves for up to a year. Also, my scars always look worse right after I wash my face in the morning, or at night. Your scars may be appearing worse right now as they are trying to fill in. Just wait a bit longer.

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Guest sm_oore

most dr's will do it after the 6. Don't know about collagen injections though.

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