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yea wow i got a little up chuck going when i saw the vagina...at least i think thats what i was looking at... jesus ok im gonna beat my face against the wall and try to forget i say some of that.... but on a serious note, some of that didnt even look like acne.

Yea I shouldn't have scrolled all the way down and looked at all the pictures. But you are right some of that did not look like acne.

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i don't understandddd.

how can babies get acne?


The baby is connected to the mother via the placenta so any change in momma's hormones effects the baby. During childbirth there are large fluctuations.

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i know all of those cases are incredibly severe but really it's not all that uncommon. usually it's just little bumps and whiteheads here and there though, it's because babies have a hormone surge after they're born.

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I am literally cying...

I mean my sons' did get some tiny pimples on them, but never like that. I never realized acne could EVER get that bad. Makes me feel so blessed, but ungrateful at the same time. Why does anyone have to go through that? Some of those people looked like they had severe burns, not acne. I mean everyone has their own feelings about acne, especially those who have never suffered. Maybe my question should be changed. Not only "Why is there acne?", but also why are people so harsh, judgmental, and cruel? We all have something going on with us - just have some compassion for others that aren't as fortunate, ya know?

Thanks for posting this - it opened my eyes and made my problems seem so much more trivial. God bless them and you all.

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WOW! seriously after looking at those pics I am somewhat a changed person. I am more grateful about my face because I just feel so bad for people who have to go through that severe acne and do wish they will clear and feel good about themselves. I just cannot imagine how hard it would be for someone to go through a stage like that and try to live life fully. True respect and honor for them.

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Suddenly, I REALLY don't want to complain about my acne. Heck, I knew I had it better than a lot of cases on this forum alone--now, though, I realize that although my face is far from perfect, it is flawless compared to some of these cases.

Those look painful. :(

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