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I just started using Tazorac exactly one week ago today after a year of using Retin-a. My skin was good on retin-a....I had only 1-2 zits on my face at a time. But I wanted better so I decided to give the Tazorac a go. Well, today I woke up with 3 zits and some more red spots that I know will turn bad! Am I suppose to be getting an initial breakout from this stuff????? Right now, I am a little upset that I stopped the Retin-a and tried this. Should I stick it out and for how long? Or should I just go back to the retin-a and be happy with what I had? Help! sad.gif

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'Purging' is normal while first going on Tazorac. Since you've been on Retin-A for so long it probably won't be that bad. I'd say just give it more time. Also be sure to keep your routine gentle and simple because you don't want to cause irration, which will lead to breakouts.

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tazorac is better than retin-a. i used retin a for years and years with good results. i switched to tazorac over a year ago and it's definately better.

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Had you been off of Retin A for a bit before you started Taz, or was it just a switch one day?

Tazorac can cause some bad reactions when used with other topicals.

(Or overused on it's own.)

The retin a would still be present, and introducing tazorac to your skin makes it react. Skin care routines while on Taz are to be kept to a bare minimum.

When I first started Taz (0.1% gel) I only got a few whiteheads. I was on retin a micro, 0.1% gel, and I really prefer tazorac. It was a lot better for me.

Tazorac and minocycline cleared me 100%, but I'm not on the mino anymore.

Feel free to PM me if you any questions. I might take a little while to write back, I have a few tests and lectures coming up.

Also, Tazorac is considered the most potent topical retinoid. I love the results...I have barely any visible pores, no red marks, no nothing.

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