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Skin doesn't look flaky but can't put makeup on without flakes/clumpy things...

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As the topic says...my skin doesn't look or feel flakey when I'm not wearing makeup at any point. However, when I wear makeup and rub it on with my fingers something is rubbing off...I'm not sure if it's skin or, more likely, residue from the bp and moisturizer?

Anyone else come across this?

I feel like it's bp and lotion that hasn't absorbed that just rubs off and it's really annoying! cause I don't like my red marks but the makeup looks just as bad with these clumps of whatever. Up until now I've been lightly brushing them off with a soft makeup brush but I'd rather they not even be there

I could use aha in case it is dry skin, which wouldn't be too surprising cause I have really sensitive skin...but due to that I don't want my skin to get really red and sting from the aha...

I don't know what to do :(

can anyone give me some insight please

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I have that happen too with certain moisturizers or sunblocks. I think it just has to do with the formulation. Ones that absorb nicely into your skin don't seem to have that problem as much as moisturizers that just kind of sit on top of the BP. What are you using for a moisturizer? Also, I moisten a cloth or take a tissue and lightly brush the clumps off without pressing very hard into my skin, and that seems to help a lot.

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I've used a lot...the one I've been using most as of lately is the DKR lotion which is so light I didn't think that it would just sit on top...

I just bought a baby brush, I'm going to see if that helps my skin absorb the bp and lotion better. Do you think it will?

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I think it has less to do with exfoliating and more to do with the moisturizers you use, really. I occasionally exfoliate flake prone areas and my nose with a toothbrush in a way similar to the baby brush method, and I use a strong AHA lotion all over my face every night and have been doing so for over a year. My skin is pretty darn smooth and primed, but I still have the problem of makeup clumping up with moisturizer. I don't even wear much makeup, just a little concealer and some pressed powder. Complex 15 Face Cream has given me the least amount of trouble of moisturizers that I use, provided that I give it some time to dry first. Complex 15 Lotion, on the other hand, never seemed to absorb no matter how long I waited and felt sticky all the time, and powder makeup looked awful on top of it. You really just need to find the right moisturizer, it's all trial and error. I haven't tried Dan's yet, but I hope to try his out soon and see how it goes with makeup.

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I had the same issue, I'm a stay at home mom and don't wear much makeup (but when I wore makeup everyday, boy did I over-do it!) so when I would occassionally wear it on the weekends, I would flip out because the liquid foundation I was using made my skin almost look scaly, w/ dry patches all over, and I didn't even know I had the dry skin until I would use the makeup! The baby brush worked pretty well for me, but it still didn't get everything off.

I changed to Everyday minerals because of all the smashing reviews on this site, but the dry skin underneath looked worse! I would even douse my skin w/ moisturizer like everyone said, but then I'd look strangely greasy, yet w/ the dry patches at the same time! What an awful mess! Plus I was trying to use the aloe vera gel as a primer, also due to other recommendations on this site and it totally made it worse, like it would rub off like pasty or something, I can't even describe it.

I now have no issues w/ the makeup looking bad because of a couple of things. First, I know I sound repetitive, I only do the regimen at night, and not every night, that way, my skin is not dry, in fact, it's returned to it's normal state of slightly oily, and it's not red, and I don't breakout anymore. Not doing the regimen in the morning worked well for me since I just regularly wash my face and use a small amount of moisturizer. However, before I was just using the small amount of moisturizer, I was also using the aloe vera and also extra sunscreen. Siouxsie, another poster on this site, suggested I just use a small amount of moisturizer and cut out the rest of the stuff. I tried it one day and realized I've never looked better in makeup in my life! It didn't clump off, and didn't accentuate the dryness. I also use the baby brush method, which just feels so darn good.

I do use the Lac Hydrin 5 in the mornings, just a lil though, and I think it takes a while, but it does improve the texture of your skin (like if you got any wrinkles from the BP). Sorry my answer was so long, I just knew when I had your problem, I didn't find anything else useful here. Oh, and yes, I think the clumping stuff is the result of too much stuff on your skin before the makeup.

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Haha, Janubug....you are my personal skin hero! Your advice is always helpful. I think a few weeks after my skin clears, at least a month from now, I will invest in some Lac Hydrin 5. I definitely need some extra help getting rid of flakiness. Does lactic acid do the same thing as aha? And if so, is it more gentle?

As a little PS, I washed my face a few hours ago and reapplied makeup on top of just moisturizer and I didn't get the little clumps. So it's the bp/moisturizer combo for certain! I think I'll just have to keep brushing them off until my skin clears or I find a new moisturizer, though. However, I did find that tinted moisturizer works well but it doesn't provide as much coverage...better than nothing

Thanks you two! I really appreciate all the advice

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Oni, you made me want to cry when I read your comment! Thank you so much! I've had acne for so long that getting to this point where I can actually give advice to someone else is a huge deal for me. I hope when you get to this point too, you will do the same for others!

Good swapping comments w/ you, and as always, Good luck! I'm rooting for your skin!

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