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Mandy Ann

hydrocortisone 1% cream

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Is it fine to use hydrocortisone 1% cream on the face at all? I wouldn't waint to get any "steroid stretchmarks" on my face....... lol......... and if its fine to use, about how long could I safely apply the hydrocortisone to my face?


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Don't do it!

It can cause so much damage it really isn't worth it.

It thins the skin like kanmi said, and also you are only supposed to use it for a couple of weeks or so then you have to stop.

Besides, before I knew howe bad the stuff was to use on your face, I used it and it didn't make any difference to my acne whatsoever.

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Please ask your doctor/derm before you use it, Mandy. Steroid creams can make it easier for other bacteria, fungi and yeast to proliferate, plus they also damage the skin. Short term (less than 5 days) use and small amounts, and only once a day might be safe, but I myself wouldn't risk it. :(

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Yeah I only did it cause i'm crazy. I mean, remember i'm the girl who burned a hole in her face on accident by mixing baking soda, lime juice, and kosher salt.

Yeah probably shouldn't listen to me. ;)

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