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Think I'm going to add some stuff to my regimen.

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Hi Everyone,

I've been doing the regimen for about 3 weeks and since noticing some unsightly wrinkles around my eyes (probably - HOPEFULLY- due to the drying effect of BP), I think I'd like to add some Jojoba Oil to that area. But at which point in my nightly face duties to I apply it? Right after washing? After regular moisturizer? Should I apply it to my whole face?

Also, I'd really like to start using some AHA Enhanced cream 10%. This has such wonderful reviews - would this help with my dryness wrinkling around my eyes or just make it worse?

And at which point should I apply this? Only at night I would assume - but before or after the BP/moisturizer?

Thanks again!! :)

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I'm not sure on this, but I think it's bad to use topical stuff for your face on your eyes (AHA works great on the face though). However, I know St. Ives has a good eye stress gel which could reduce the wrinkles around your eyes, but I haven't seen it in any drugstore I've been to unfortunately.

I use the AHA at night since it goes on kinda thick and your face remains kinda sticky throughout the night. For that reason, you should put it on after the BP has completely absorbed into your skin.

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If you are only 3 weeks into the regimen, add the jojoba oil and see if it takes care of the dryness. The AHA maybe even more irritating at this point for you. There are several different ways to apply the jojoba according to peeps around the boards. You can (1) Put it all over the face while it's still damp from washing and the apply BP after it absorbs OR (2) Mix some jojoba with your current moisturizer.

I think the main thing is to be very careful you don't mix your moisturizer under your eyes with the BP already on your face.

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Thanks for the tips! I tried to find some Jojoba today, but I think I may have to order it online. Is there a particular brand? Or should I just make sure its 100% organic or something like that?

I'm also a glutton for punishment - I also bought the AHA 10% cream, but I think I'll just apply it to the middle area of my cheeks and chin (where my acne hyperpigmentation marks are). Plus, my drier areas around really around my nose, mouth and eyes so hopefully my cheeks don't freak out too much. :)

Thanks again for all of your help - its very much appreciated!!

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