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Hi guys,

After two months or so I decided to give TCA cross a try. At first i purchased the 50% TCA at loganwoodskincare, used it twice but I wanted to do something stronger and fast so i decided to try the 100% TCA from mytcapeel. I was a bit scared since I did read some posts saying that youve got to be very careful with the 100% stuff. I bought it anyway because I saw on the page that there was a "return policy" so i figured if i still can return it if im too worried about it.

(their return policy used to be here http://www.mytcapeel.com/cart/return_policy.htm )

After I bought it for a day or so, they changed their policy of return guarantee into "all sales are final" and refuse to accept the product. I didnt use it of course since ive read a lot of new posts concerning about its effectiveness. I emailed them and all i get was very very bad and rude respondse . I am very very mad because they're very rude and it seems like they're lying and tricking people into buying their expensive 90$ stupid piece of bottle (including the shipping).

DO NOT buy from them anymore guys, go to ebay...better and cheaper.

SCREW MY TCA PEEL. im so freakin mad right now.

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Sorry for your bad experience. Well, I buy products from Julie Robins at perfectcomplexion.net--I just posted a thread on how well they've been working for me so far and it's only been wk 2. She also sells TCA Cross, but I think her's is at 99%. Pretty much the same...she is the nicest lady when it comes to sellers. Always answers all of your emails.

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i had some problems w/ them too, but all ended well in my case. i bought the scar remover kit, which is the little tca bottle (100%) and some gloves and toothpicks. well, they sent me a plastic bag w/ a pair of gloves and 3 toothpicks. no tca! it cost me $90 too. so i emailed them (i was polite the whole time. no one wants to help a jerk). told them to please send my bottle of tca. they said they would.

a week later, still no tca. so i emailed them again (polite again), and said please tell me what's going on, otherwise i will dispute it and get my money back. they were always really nice w/ me.

anyway, i got my tca a week after that.

sorry it didn't work out for you bro

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I have use most TCA peels from MYTCAPEEL.COM and I have always received great customers service and I LOVE their skin peels and TCA cross method. They are save and very effective. They also add samples of anti-aging serums in all my orders. The results on my skin have been incredible and I have in fact recommended most my friends to their website. I always received everything in a very professional package and they ship Priority mail. I love MYTCAPEEL.COM

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