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My Nature's Cure Log-Pictures now included

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Hi there..

I'm a 17 year old girl from Southern California. I've had acne since 5th grade.. and am now a senior in highschool..

I've tried everything.. and although my skin has improved since being a member on acne.org.. I still have noticeable, bothersome acne that really affects my life every single day.

I thought I'd create a daily log on here to keep track of my progress, offer my opinions on this popular medication incase anyone else is interested, and maybe get some support from fellow acne.org-ians

I finished my second day on Nature's Cure (sorry for starting it on the second day),I got a new small pimple on the right side of my chin.. and a new scary large pimple in the making on my left cheek.. I can feel it underneath the skin and am praying it dies beneath the surface.. My skin is red and irritated from the cream..

My other active pimples at the moment:

One large, sore, red papule type of one on the left side of my chin, almost underneath the chin..

One large, painful, red pimple uner my left nostril.. Which I have unfortunately picked at the last couple of days.. making it more inflamed most likely :(

A small inflamed (because picked at) pimple near the right nostril..

and a painful papule (not picked at) on the left side of my nose..

I have lots of red marks.. but those are the only real active pimples I have at the moment.

I will update tomorrow night!

Wish me luck please!

Prayers are really appreciated.. I want to have a good senior year.. I want to go on the senior europe trip in May without acne.. that would be my absolute dream..

I'll keep you updated!

Oh, by the way.. this is the exact thing I am using

Nature's Cure Two-Part Acne Treatment System for Females


and for cleanser I'm using cetaphil.. and for lotion I'm using cetaphil

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-3rd Day-

I took sleeping pills last night to try and get more sleep at a normal time..

My skin looked blotchy and unhealthy when I woke up this morning..

Lucky for me I had to go to school today to get my books and all that jazz.. which means covering that with makeup :redface:

After washing my face I noticed my pimples looked very inflamed so I applied a CoQ10 toner hoping that would calm it down a bit.. but it did the exact opposite.. my entire face was a tomatoe and was stinging..

after applying lotion I covered it with makeup.. looked horrible!

Anyway at the end of the day.. not much progress.. and my skin is pretty irritated... and I'm wondering if I will apply the nature's cure cream tonight because I know the BP in it is what's bothering my face..

the new pimple developing underneath the skin on my left cheek doesn't feel as big as it did before.. but it is protruding out of the skin more.. and is pink.. :(

The papule on the left side of my chin is less painful and large.. but just as red as it was before if not more! It's crazy how red my blemishes are at the moment..

The papule on the left side of my nose is less big and painful.. but just as red if not more..

the pimple unerneath my left nostril is less painful but more red..

the pimple on the right side of my chin is pretty flattened now but still pink..

the pimple near my right nostril is now more red with a white head in the center.. but it is not painful...but there is no way on earth I am popping it haha.. that pimple has been picked at enough..

Good Bye to Day 3

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Hey, I've just started the natures cure regimen too. I only use the BP as a spot treatment though. I hear if you spread it all over (like on clear spots) you break out really bad there. I'm on day 6 and I dont feel any new pimples forming, but I still have a few left over, but with the spot treatment and the pills I think they are clearing up pretty good. The only semi painful one I have is on my chin, but even that is shrinking. My advice is just use a regular acne wash at night, then dry your face, put the BP on in spots where you are breaking out really bad, or just dab it on the big ones, then go to sleep. In the morning, wash your face with cool water, and get a really good face moisturizer (I'm using beauty without cruelty) and put a little on to help with the dryness and irritation caused by the BP. And thats all I do, along with the pills in the AM and PM of course. Are you chewing them first or just swallowing them whole?

Good luck, I'm in this with you :pray: Praying that this works!

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Thanks so much for the reply!! :D

And I'm glad I caught your reply right before I went to bed because I was going to apply the cream to my face even though it was irritated... but after I read your post I'm going to try only applying it to the active pimples tonight and see how my skin is in the morning..

Good luck with your treatment too! I pray that it works for both of us..

And please keep us all updated on your progress once in a while if you could.. itd be great if you could let us know how it's going with your skin every once in a while..

I forgot to answer your question: Yup, I chew them.. I let them dissolve in my mouth before I swallow them.. I think that's what the package says to do.. It's more affective that way right?


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I just took my 4th day PM pill for Nature's Cure.. if anything changes in my skin between now and the time I go to bed.. I'll let ya know ha..

Today I woke up and again my skin looked ugly, blotchy and unhealthy.. not as bad as yesterday but still.. I hope that's not a side effect of the pills..

Unfortunately I have new pimples to explain today..

one tiny one above my left eyebrow.. I'm not worried.. it should go away soon..

and two painful.. average sized ones on the left side of my face near my hair line.. Atleast they're out of view when I wear my hair down?

One new small one on the right cheek.. not horrible.. but not good either.. I like to avoid getting them on my cheeks.. because redmarks take longer to heal there..

Updates on my other pimples: The papule on the left side of my chin is less painful and less red.. it seems to be "dormant" now.. I hope it goes flat soon.. papules seem to stay bumps with me for a while :(

The scary one on my left cheek is more red, bigger, and more painful :(:( I'm going to try icing it tonight to help the pain and such

The papule on the left side of my nose is small and red.. but atleast it's smaller.. and is no longer painful

the pimple below my left nostril is generally less big, less painful, less red, less ugly.. haha.. yay :) It's still there.. but it should be gone in a few days or so.. leaving a bad redmark though :(

The pimple near the right nostril looks better, don't get me wrong, but it's not healing as easily as I was hoping it would.. and there seems to be pink irritated skin around it as well..

the one on the right side of my chin is completely gone though.. just a bit of a pink area remains..

I have to go somewhere tomorrow though.. and am hoping my skin improves a lot while I sleep tonight :pray:

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No I haven't gone to bed yet :(

You guys........... ugh.. every pimple is so RED.. I don't know what it is.. I look so horrible.. my skin hasn't looked this bad in a while.. and that large pimple on my left cheek is getting HUGE.. and it's impossible to cover.. and I have to go somewhere tomorrow!!!!! I'm thinking about getting it injected.. (this would be my first time ever getting an injection of cortizone) But I don't know.. I can't believe I have to start school with my skin worse than it has been for years...... :cry:

EDIT: I just took 3 Ibrofun and one of my antibiotic pills.. I HAVE to cut down this inflammation it's horrible.. and that cream.. for some reason.. if I dab it on a pimple.. the skin around the pimple that the cream touches is pink.. and not just momentarily but for like an entire day or so.. I don't know if I should keep using the cream.. sounds like it's not agreeing with my skin...

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Good Morning/Afternoon!

and day 5 begins..

I'm dissapointed with my skin right now.. Wherever the nature's cure cream was used yesterday (in the middle of the day) There is a red circle around the pimples.. what is this cream.. acid?

I'm going to avoid using it for a while..

It makes every pimple look worse because the ring of pink that surrounds them.. and it doesn't heal the pimples worth beans..

The skin looks the same today.. ugh.. except for a few new white heads on the nose.. I just got out of a shower.. and it's a horrible experience washing your face over painful pumps.. it makes me want to cry.. I hate that feeling..

I've been praying lately.. and I'm trusting in God to heal me through Nature's Cure or not.. I'm going to continue praying each day and have faith...

EDIT1: I just put mederma on my active pimples now.. hoping to help heal those areas around the pimples that the nature's cream destroyed..

EDIT2: It's been a late night tonight.. I had to go to a play for AP Lit.. which meant makeup on these nasty things on my face..

I took the Nature's Cure PM pill when I got home at like 1 in the morning..

Ok.. Skin tonight..

I've got new pimples to explain.. a painful little sucker left of my left nostril.. almost on my actual nose.. not too worried because pimples on my nose seem to heal decently..

and a new one on the left side of my face to add to the two that were there..

If I don't mention any changes it mean the pimples are the same..

the scary one on my left cheek is less red.. but just as painful.. and is raised up more.. making it appear bigger :( It's in a really obvious spot so makeup does not cover well..

the pimples that I used nature cure's cream on are not healed and the red circles are still around them.. what is in that cream? I thought my skin handeled BP better than this..

most of the older pimples show slight improvement.. nothing really worth going into detail here though.. and the one on top of my left eye brow.. is bigger..

Good Night to Day 5!

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-Day 6-

Today was an odd day.. I was tired on and off last night but my body wouldn't fall asleep even though I was lying in bed.. I don't know why.. I didn't end up sleeping until 8 in the morning! I woke up at 4 pm and took my AM nature's cure pill.. :confused: and had a light breakfast/dinner.. I took another nap for an hour or so around 6 or 7.. I haven't taken my PM pill because I want to spread it out a bit.. I'm going to take it at 10pm I think.. anyway.. I feel exhausted..it's crazy.. and I'm kind of sad.. not just about my skin.. but about my life :(

Anyway.. as far as the skin goes.. no new pimples to account for.. THANK YOU GOD!

and the rest of them, although far from gone, look like they're finally healing.. I've been putting mederma on them.. hoping to avoid scars and such.. I haven't touched the nature's cream for a couple of days or so... it never helped the pimples.. it only made them irritated.. and the skin around it irritated.. I might go back on the cream when my skin is more clear..

I just feel kind of sad today :( and lonely.. humphh..

well.. atleast tomorrow will be the 7th day.. meaning a week on it.... yay! I'm proud of myself.. I have a tenency to jump products too quickly..

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And Day 7 begins..

I just took my AM pill.. I know, I'm a bit late again :confused: .. but I'm working on getting on a better sleeping schedule..

Anyway.. I think I shall post a picture of my skin today.. so the progress can be monitored easier...

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I tried nature's cure for 6 months in a row, it did not change anything for me. So if you don't see any results within the first three weeks, I would try something else.

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I tried nature's cure for 6 months in a row, it did not change anything for me. So if you don't see any results within the first three weeks, I would try something else.

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These pictures don't seem to show my skin as bad as my skin really is.. but it's insane.. if you look at my gallery.. I have improved so much since joining acne.org!

Right side:


Left Side:


Front View: Not my most attractive acne.org mug shot haha..


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Hey Marlena, I totally sympathize with you about having to wash painful pimples and wanting to cry, I definitely have experienced that too! And also with feeling sad about life. I keep telling myself that life would be so perfect with perfect skin... and even though I haven't achieved the perfect skin I want, I've come to the realization that the way my skin looks isn't all that life is about. It is a blessing to hear that you are keeping your faith and laying your concerns before God and trusting Him, as I do! Stand firm! :surprised: Remember, we are our own worst critics, so you may see yourself as "ugly" (as I have) because of your problem skin, but to other people it is no big deal when they see it. I am always complaining to my fiance that I feel ugly because of my pimples and he has tried so hard to convince me that he doesn't even see them and he thinks I am so beautiful. I still have a hard time believing that, but it has shown me that the way your skin looks doesn't effect whether people like you or not.

Anyway, enough of my rambling advice... just want to quickly recommend that if your Nature's Cure hits the wall (as most things do), check out Suki skincare. I just ordered three products (lemongrass cleanser, white willow toner, blue chamomile moisturizing serum) and have heard nothing but greatness about them. I am soooo excited to try them!!! They are completely organic so they won't irritate your skin. I completely gave up on benzoil peroxide and salycilic acid a while ago. Even though they seem to dry pimples up faster, it is not worth putting all those chemicals into your skin and irritating and drying it out, not to mention all the burning feelings! Hope everything goes well for you this Senior year. I remember my senior year was a blast, definitely my favorite!!! God bless!!!

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Personally i used the Tablets/cream of Nature's Cure for men for 1 month ...

and i used it it near the end of summer so i didint worry about breakouts..

Personally the BP cream is pretty good for spot treatments but it just irritated my skin soooo much and it was pretty for for pimples but i used it all around my face

personally after i was finished with it i moved on because it didint work for me

i even tried to use Dan's regimen ..using sensitive cleanser and stuff but using Nature's cure BP cream and tablets

it didint work for me :|...so one day i went for a checkup for high skool and i told him i had bad skin and he got me precription and my insurance covers it...But u WILL breakout so it was very good i started in summer and now my skin is healed!

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